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SAT® Subject Tests and AP Exams


SAT® Subject Tests (formerly SAT®2 exams) are one-hour, single subject exams administered by the College Board. The subjects offered run the gamut from foreign languages to advanced mathematics.
You can find the full list of subjects HERE.

Subjects Include:

Who Should Take SAT® Subject Tests?

  • Students who wish to show a high level of achievement and strength in a particular area.
  • Students who will be applying to highly competitive universities in the US. Many schools require 2-3 SAT subject tests. Get the full list HERE.

How To Plan and Prepare for SAT® Subject Tests

Planning out the best times to take these exams can be tricky, as most students are also juggling dates to take the SAT® or ACT. We often recommend that strong students take their first Subject Test as early as grade 9. Typically, we like students to take the Subject Test as soon after they’ve completed a course as possible.

Our approach to preparing for these exams is much like that of the SAT® or ACT: a proven mix of drill work, skill building, test-taking strategy, and practice on real exams.

Your best bet? Schedule a free test prep consultation, and we will create a customized plan together! We will then match your student with the best possible test prep coach.

AP Exams

AP exams (advanced placement exams) are college level tests administered by the College Board. While students are not required to complete AP courses prior to taking the exam, students tend to perform better on the exams when they take the corresponding course. Most high schools offer a selection of AP courses. Find a complete list of AP exams HERE.

Why Take AP Exams?

Unlike SAT Subject Tests, AP exams are not a college admissions requirement. However, when students sit for an AP exam and earn a passing grade, they can earn college credit, which is why preparing for these exams with a trusted test prep coach is a worthwhile investment.

How Can We Help?

Our test prep coaches are also subject matter experts who can help you prepare for these rigorous exams through careful review and practice on timed tests.

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