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SAT® & ACT for Canadian Students

SAT & ACT Tutoring Services for Canadian Students

Canadian students who wish to apply to American colleges or universities will need to submit SAT® or ACT scores just like any other applicant. Since each university has its own policies about admissions requirements, it makes sense to check in with your target schools.

Register for a PSAT Exam in Canada

PSAT exams are generally administered and managed by the schools in your area. You will need to use the SAT Location Finder to locate a nearby school.

Register for the SAT or SAT Subject Test in Canada

Where and How to Register for the SAT® in Canada

You’ll need to start by visiting the College Board’s SAT® location finder. Here, you will find the locations offering the SAT, along with registration dates and deadlines! Important notes:

  • The SAT® is not offered in Canada in March.
  • The SAT® does not allow late registration for international testers, so plan carefully!
  • SAT® Subject Tests are generally offered in Canada, but locations may be limited.

Learn more about our SAT® Prep Programs here.

Register for the ACT in Canada

Where and How to Register for an ACT in Canada

Start with the ACT test date finder, which will give you information on the dates and locations for the ACT. It’s important to note that locations and dates are quite limited, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Learn more about our ACT Prep Programs here.

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