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College Admissions Exams

Leave Test Prep to the Experts

Admissions exams are probably the most important tests you’ll face. When scores directly impact where you will attend college and whether you’ll earn a scholarship, you want to know you are getting the help of real experts and a proven process for improving scores.

Put Your Game Face On

Think of test preparation like training for your next big game or concert. As a musician or athlete, you know that your performance on the big day relies on more than just your innate skill. The same applies for test-taking: to reach maximum performance, you need the right blend of technique, practice, stamina, mental toughness, and of course, a great coach to guide and inspire you. The Tutor Doctor Test Prep program combines all the elements you need to achieve your score potential.

Which tests does my student need to take, and when?

We get it. The alphabet soup of college admissions exams is enough to set your head spinning! We are here to help.

At Tutor Doctor, we recommend that you start with a free, in-home and online or online consultation. In this one-hour consultation, our expert education consultants will:

  • Take the time to review your student’s academic profile and postgraduate goals.
  • Walk you and your student through the recommended admissions tests based on your student’s unique goals.
  • Create a testing timeline: which tests to take and when.
  • Build a custom test prep plan to ensure maximum score improvements!

In the meantime, here’s a quick infographic to help you understand the various exams and their uses!

Sat® or Act Exams (and Psat Exams)

Recommended for most college-bound students.
Required by most colleges for admission.

Sat® Subject Tests (SAT2S)

Recommended for students with above average strengths in a particular subject.
Required only by the most comptetive colleges and universities.

AP Exams

College-level tests in single subjects. Advanced students take these exams
to earn potential college credits while in high school.

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