In-home tutoring is available at some locations. Online tutoring is available everywhere. Contact your local Tutor Doctor office to learn more.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring

Online tutoring delivers the same high-quality experience you'd expect from Tutor Doctor but with a number of additional benefits.

Location is no longer a barrier. No matter where you live, we can find the perfect tutor for your child. Once you've found that tutor, you can stick with them, wherever you are and wherever they are. There's no risk of tutoring being interrupted by bad-weather, accidents or vacations (unless you want it to be).

Online tutoring can make your life easier. We know your schedules are hectic and finding an hour or two in the week to fit tutoring in can be a real challenge. Moving online opens up more time slots and means tutoring can happen from anywhere with a decent internet connection. You also don't have to worry about cleaning the house before the tutor comes around!

Remember everything. Every online tutoring session with Tutor Doctor is recorded, so the student can review it later. This helps them retain information and refresh their memory before that vital exam. This is especially valuable for older students studying STEM subjects and is one of the major reasons for choosing online tutoring over offline tutoring.*

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Why Online tutoring with Tutor Doctor?

Whether tutoring online or offline - the same process applies. Students are assessed and matched with the best possible tutor. They receive a tailored program and support throughout their learning journey.

Students receive the same benefit of working at their own pace with a tutor that has tailored the lesson to their individual needs and learning style. Online tutoring is convenient and can take place anytime and anywhere.

With online tutoring, students can access previously recorded sessions and easily review past sessions or prior material they covered with their tutors. Students can use these recorded sessions to review for tests, exams, or simply to seek clarification on homework assignments. Students can better focus their attention to the lesson at hand, knowing they can revisit the session to organize their notes after.*

*Contact your local Tutor Doctor office to request tutoring session recordings


"We've been working with Tutor Doctor for the last year and a half. They moved seamlessly into distance learning as soon as the pandemic started. Our tutor Karen is amazing. She's always so positive with our son and she has amazing patience. We love that we can connect with her directly about what we'd like her to work on with him. She's super flexible when we've had a change in our schedule."
- Mary Z., Portland, OR

"Tutor Doctor provided us with exceptional private online tutoring and helped my son improve his reading comprehension skills and class grade. Our tutor, Rebecca, has done an amazing job. She is very knowledgeable and is very flexible with scheduling. I would definitely recommend Tutor Doctor for anyone who is looking for tutoring services!"
- Manar D., San Antonio, TX

"The tutor doctor has been amazing for my daughter. She has developed a confidence in math that she never had before thanks to her wonderful tutor. She has obtained skills to make her more successful in math with the conviennent online sessions. The online sessions are wonderful because we are still able to get the benefits but stay safe within our home at the same time. I would highly recommend the online sessions, the one hour sessions are engaging and full of amazing learning."
-Melissa T., Sudbury, ON

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  • I really appreciate how hard you all work to meet the students needs especially with regards to matching the tutor with the student. It has made all the difference in helping to make my daughter successful!
  • Our Tutor was very knowledgable about the subject and provided good tools to my daughter. Also, our tutor was very prompt and courteous
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