ACT Test Prep In Columbus:
Guiding Students To Reach Their Potential

Preparing Columbus Students for the ACT Test

At Tutor Doctor Northern Columbus, our ACT test prep experts in Columbus go above and beyond just tutoring. They are experienced coaches who work with students on test preparation and goal setting. It is our mission to help each student reach their ACT test potential. With Tutor Doctor’s proven ACT test prep method, over 250,000 students have improved their scores and been able to apply to their college of choice with confidence.

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The Tutor Doctor Proven Method for ACT Test Preparation

Our proven ACT preparation method offers a tailored approach to tutoring in Columbus. Our test prep coaches are professionally trained experts that infuse their own experiences and personality into their tutoring to help connect with their students. We are diligent about matching a student with a tutor that would be a “good fit” based on their learning style, personality, and goals.

We take the following steps to ensure our students are not only prepared but confident when it comes time to take the ACT:

Data-driven diagnostic testing

We utilize data to determine if your student should take the SAT® or ACT exam. To accomplish this, students may take practice tests. These tests allow us to figure out each individual student’s strengths and areas for improvement. Students will continue to take these practice exams throughout their time with us to help them exercise their test taking abilities and gain knowledge.

Complimentary consultation to discuss your testing plan

Our expert education consultant will meet with you to review your diagnostic exam results, discuss your goals for college, and go over your post-graduate plans. At Tutor Doctor Northern Columbus, we take the time to get to know our students and are invested in helping them succeed.

Individualized private tutoring in Columbus

After learning about your background, goals, schedule, and family budget, we create a tutoring plan that best suits you and your situation. This might include but is not limited to one-on-one home and online tutoring or small group instruction.

Proven curriculum

Tutor Doctor has spent over 15 years refining how ACT prep should be approached. Our workbook-based or online curricula was made to be easily understood by students and comprehensive enough to provide them with real, full-length practice tests.

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