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There is no substitute for practice

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Preparing for standardized exams is a lot like training for a big game or concert, and who would do that without a scrimmage or dress rehearsal?

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There’s simply no better way for you to experience testing conditions, increase your confidence, and pinpoint how to improve your scores!

We use official, retired SAT, ACT, SSAT, or ISEE exams to ensure that your scores are accurate, and our classroom setting and trained proctors make sure that you experience true testing conditions.

Complimentary Score Report and Consultation

After the test, our test prep experts will walk you through your results, and you’ll leave with a detailed Admissions Testing plan:

  • Analysis of your score performance
  • Target score goals based on your academic profile
  • A detailed score report that identifies skill areas you need help on
  • A personalized plan for which tests to take, and when (this is different for every student!)
  • A test prep program that works for your goals and your family’s budgets.

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Math results from SAT

How To Get Started

New clients may take one practice SAT and one practice ACT exam free of charge. Our client families may attend unlimited practice tests to further refine skills, practice pacing, and try out their testing strategies. Your test prep coach will let you know the right times to take your periodic practice tests! REGISTER.


Since the SAT and ACT exams are used interchangeably in admissions, we strongly recommend that you start by taking the time to learn which test is best for you! While the two exams are similar in many ways, there are some important differences between the two. Some students earn substantially higher correlative scores on one test verus the other!

Think about it: why spend months preparing for an SAT exam only to learn that the ACT is a better fit for your learning style?

How to Choose?

The very best way is to take a free practice SAT and a free practice ACT. Your Tutor Doctor test prep expert will help you compare scores and evaluate the results. If you’re short on time, we also offer the SAT/ACT Diagnostic, a single exam that combines elements of the ACT and SAT and predicts the test that is best for you.

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We offer practice exams on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays at 52 Great Road in Bedford, or we can send you a test to complete at home!

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