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Meet Our Team

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Joe Ford


I’m Joe Ford, owner of Tutor Doctor Main Line. I have lived in Havertown and Ardmore for over 20 years; many of you may recognize me from Brookline Baseball Leagues or as a coach in Havertown Hoops, or perhaps as the resident Alex Trebek at local Quizos. But the most important thing to know about me is my appreciation of and fondness for the neighborhoods of the Main Line. This is a great place to live with a wonderful sense of community.

My son attended Chatham Elementary and Haverford Middle and High Schools. I have seen up close the quality of education he has received at these schools, and I know for certain – and it is reflected in statewide assessments and ratings data – that other institutions along the Main Line are also of very high caliber. That said, tutoring is often an important – and for some students, necessary – complement to existing curricula. Whether it be to maintain pace with classmates or to go from good to great in an effort to earn admission to a top college, Tutor Doctor can provide the support students need to achieve their goals.

We have excellent tutors standing by to help your students in all core subjects, and also to assist those preparing for their SAT and ACT exams. Additionally, we can also identify and correct any issues students may have with their organization and study habits through our executive functioning expertise. I am personally involved in all program designs and tutor matches, and will work to ensure the sessions are scheduled so that they fit into your student’s (and your) routine. Contact Tutor Doctor today for a free consultation, and let’s get started!