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  • Very pleased with your service, couldn't be more happier with Mary Lou. She is a delightful and wonderful teacher.

    Tanaia D.
  • cheryl is a dream tutor come true. Tyler is really connecting with her teaching. She is prepared with a plan for Tyler and I feel like she has invested herself so much to help him succeed. She is a blessing.

    Brooke T.
  • Very accommodating and fast to get started

    Travis & Desiree N.
  • Committed to getting the right tutor for the student, communication, friendly, etc

    Amanda B.
  • I love the fact you are so flexible for meeting my requirements and the need for my facility at which i stay at. I am able to do skype and e-mail if i am unable to understand something and get a quick response back. I love tutor doctor and the way the program has more than one option.

    Theira B.
  • I liked how Jay learned about our child before setting us up with a tutor. He understood our needs and wants. Tutor Doctor set us up quickly with a tutor so we could get started right away. They are in constant communication so I feel comfortable giving feedback and working with them to find the best tutor for my girl. I like how we can give input from school on what needs to be addressed so my ...

    Jessica & Doug V.
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  • Our tutor is a good match for my child. Tutor doctor was very flexible in allowing us to start with one tutoring session then move to 2 tutoring sessions/week based on my son's school activities.

    Susan & Kurt W.
  • Everyone has been very kind ands listens to our needs.

    Alisa C.
  • The tutor that we have for our daughter could not have been better picked for here. She is making great strides in understanding algebra thanks to Garrett.

    Sabrina M.
  • The matching of the tutors

    Tonya & Bill W.
  • Very professional and accommodating.

    Pam W.
  • Good tutor fit with my kid

    Tenney T.
  • Tutor Doctor has been a reliable source of quality tutoring. My son's grades have improved along with his confidence in being able to succeed.

    Margaret T.
  • There was a quick response to set up the assessment. We really like Katie and my daughter enjoys her time with Katie.

    Jamie D.
  • I have already recommended your services. We are very pleased.

    Parris J.
  • I like the in home tutoring aspect of Tutor Doctor

    Renee S.
  • The tutors are personalized for the student. They help with what the student already has, rather than giving new/more homework. They are friendly, patient, and enjoyable to work with.

    Andy W.
  • consistency

    Patricia V.
  • I like that it is personalized, flexible and very effective.

    Marie & Steve P.
  • Professional, prompt and qualified

    John J.
  • I like how thorough the interview was and how calm they where. They connected immediately very well with our child. They have sent a good teacher where we can feel that she has experience in teaching. She teaches our daughter Spanish. This teacher has a satisfying pronounciation in Spanish. The skills this teacher has for communicating new material to our daughter is excellent. Ideally we would ...

    Isabelle J.
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  • Our Tutor has worked really well with both girls. Her personality was a good fit with theirs.

    Kathy V.
  • I really like that you spend time with my children to get to understand their needs and match them with a tutor that fits their personality and understands them.

    Brande C.
  • Very good tutor, very good communication.

    Xiao Z.
  • Our experience with Tutor Doctor has been wonderful. The initial interview to match our son with a tutor and the actual tutor is great!

    Lisa & Brian W.
  • Great match between our student and tutor!

    Suzanne D.
  • We love Karli our tutor!

    Aparna H.
  • One on one instruction. Tutor very willing to work with kids and bring them along. Flexibility.

    Teri S.
  • we really like our tutor and she is doing a lot to help our girls get their grades up and she went to the teacher parent meeting with us to get a better idea on how to help our girls.

    Linda G.
  • I like that you match tutor with child...

    Dana M.
  • Vanessa is so reliable and flexible!

    Sheila P.
  • The staff at Tutor Doctor was extremely helpful and friendly. What I liked most was that all services were held in my home.

    Liz S.
  • I like that you matched my son to a compatible tutor.

    Kim B.
  • You take the time to set up the right person with our child.

    Renee F.
  • I don't have the knowledge needed for the math my daughter is doing! Love love love that our tutor Terry is so knowledgable and so very helpful!!!

    Stacie O.
  • flexibilty

    Michelle B.
  • I like having a tutor come to our home, instead of me having to take the girls to another location. The convenience is wonderful for me. I also think the girls are more comfortable being at home. I like the selection of tutors, most have had excellent skill sets, and have been able to assist the girls in whatever subject they need help with. The pricing for the tutor is reasonable. I've had a few ...

    Pamela W.
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  • Once set up it is very nice to have someone in your house helping with school work... no driving needed.

    Jon C.
  • the selection of tutor for my son was perfect

    Jennifer I.
  • Very professional and immediate impact on our son. After just 2 appointments he already went from from failing test scores in Algebra to an 85%. Our tutor Matt is timely and relates to our son. The consistency in appointments helps our son be more organized. Matt strikes a great balance of relating to our son and holding him accountable for results. The stress and frustration that has been lifted ...

    Deb P.
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  • The payment plan and the way a tutor is fitted with the clients personality.

    Rebecca N.
  • Convenient

    Melissa W.
  • Ease of working with them and ease of scheduling. I also love that tutor comes to our home.

    Jessica O.
  • We love that it is in home . We love our tutor!!!Oh and is works for our schedule.

    JeanAnne S.
  • The convenience of home tutoring.

    Lisa L.
  • Quality and skill of the tutor!

    Cary H.
  • We received a quick response and an appropriate tutor was found quickly. I already sent a friend to Tutor Doctor within two weeks.

    Lori S.
  • The convienence that the tutor comes into our home. Flexible scheduling around my daughter's needs, tests, projects, etc. The tutor works with her teachers to make sure they are all on the same page about her assignments and needs.

    Christy G.
  • I love that the tutor comes to our house. It is also nice to have Jay there to discuss any changes or concerns (not that we have ever had any). I think that the initial interview process is great because we were able to get a perfect fit for Ella. Stevie has done so much more for Ella than just academics. She has helped Ella with her organizations skills, self esteem and is truly become a very ...

    Katie D.
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  • Lauren (our tutor) and the communication/feedback we receive.

    Laura W.
  • Excellent service. Caring help. Best of all, Allie's grades are skyrocketing!!

    Norma G.
  • It's very convenient and flexible with our schedule. We love our tutor and she is a great fit for our daughter!

    Tiffany & Lee A.
  • Our tutor comes to our house and she was a perfect match for kyle

    Kyle D.
  • I was impressed with the initial meeting that took place. Jay and Susan were very laid back and really took the time to get to know Kendall and her needs. I shared the experience with my parents and they have enrolled my little brother in the program.

    Shauntina M.
  • Jay is skilled at assessment and Beau is working nicely to chip through my two sons resistance.

    Laura A.
  • Jay was very attentive to our needs and worked hard to give us excellent service. I would highly recommend them. My daughter loved her tutor and really looked forward to their time together.

    Lisa D.
  • We love our tutor, Karen. She has gone far and beyond her required limits to help our daughter. During the TCAP she has even scheduled extra hours to be prepared, and then she stays for more than the hour. and she only gets paid for the hour. Now that is dedication. Thank you Tutor Doctor for finding us the right fit.

    Milena H.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home so I'm not having to find time to transport a kid across town. I also like that they are diligent about finding a good match between the tutor and the student

    Lisa C.
  • Good tutors. Good reports.

    Christy C.
  • A very professional business that quickly matched the needs of my child to a very great tutor. The fact that we have flexibility in scheduling is also an added bonus, we would recommend Tutor Doctor to any family needing a tutor. Sincerely, Khristi and Greg Chiarella

    Christy C.
  • Flexibility of the tutors I am working with, quality of tutors, ability to find the right match for my child and goals. Very happy.

    Shirley N.
  • Friendly & well educated tutors!

    Tammy H.
  • That they come to you and focus on your child individually. They are also flexible and able to work with your schedule if something changes.

    Schwanda J.
  • The Flexibility of our tutor in that he could come to our home and was so ready and willing to work with our schedules made tutoring possible for us. The tutor/student compatibility assessment also made our first experience very positive. By having our daughter be able to help choose who will work with her set a great atmosphere right from the start. Our tutor was exceptional; always kept to the ...

    Alice S.
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  • The fact you come to us! The tutors are knowledgable and helpful.

    Kristie M.
  • The way that a tutor was matched up with my daughter was great. Her tutor seems to really care about the growth and improvemnet in my daughter's education. Always very professional , on time , and I never feel like her sessions are rushed. There has been times that the sessions has gone a bit longer then our scheduled time because my daughter did not understand something and her tutor has always ...

    Jennifer B.
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  • How they match students and tutors

    Claudia S.
  • Tutor Doctor makes tutoring simple. They come to your home, fit your student with a tutor who is compatible with your student's personality. We really like our tutor (Kalid) and our son has found confidence again with math concepts...something he hadn't had for some time. Reasonably priced. Yes, I would recommend Tutor Doctor to other parents whose students are struggling.

    Debbie M.
  • Very personal service. Did a great job matching up the right tutor for us!

    Erin & Brian K.
  • Two aspects are the in home tutoring and later hours. Thank you!

    Cherry & Milo M.
  • Good tutor.

    Diane & Jim P.
  • Our daughter responds well to the tutor and homework isn't such a chore.

    Brett & Krista K.
  • I like that they came to our home! and when there was a problem it was quickly remedied!

    Jarrie & Devin J.
  • We appriciated the effort made to connect Samantha with a tutor that not only fit her academic needs but also her personality.

    Sandy W.
  • I really appreciate the time taken in finding the right tutor match for our daughter. The feedback from Tutor Doctor and the tutor herself has been great.

    Lisa K.
  • Coming to our home and awesome tutor you got us

    Mindy E.
  • I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the owners of tutor doctor as well as our daughter's tutor. I also appreciate the weekly updates as well as the quick responses to any of our concerns.

    Susan L.
  • Comes to our house, gives progress reports, very helpful

    Amy M.
  • at home services

    Jon L.
  • they come to the house

    Danette S.
  • Flexibility and ability to find someone to meet all of my son's needs!

    Haley L.
  • that you come to my house.

    Gina L.
  • I really appreciated the fact that the owner came and met with us as a pre-screening session. Our son felt comfortable and willing to start working the next day. I also liked the tutor that your company sent out to the house. Danny was friendly, smart, and gave much advice to help. We expect great results on ACT test day!

    Shelly T.
  • Although Kyreija is still struggling in Algebra 2, she is doing better and has a good relationship with Steve (her tutor). My only wish is that Steve were to connect with her teacher, Mr. Roberts, via phone to talk about what else could best help her achieve (aka, get a C in his class).

    Lisa G.
  • I love the personal attention and knowing that the tutor is coming prepared with new work building on what was done the previous session.

    Stacey J.
  • The tutors are wonderful.

    Tiffany M.
  • Accomodated our schedules and worked hard !!

    Darah K.
  • I like that my son enjoys the time learning with his tutor.

    Lysah C.
  • That it is one on one and in the home.

    Denise S.
  • I like the tutor that was selected for our son. He is a really hard worker. I like that the tutoring is done in our home and around our schedule.

    Anne M.
  • I love the fact that they come to our house. The tutor is a wonderful fit for our daughter. She is very patient and friendly.

    William C.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home. Out teacher is a kind and patient person with the perfect skill set and personality to help our child.

    Lynnette & Randy S.
  • Out of desperation, I called for a consultation with the Tutor Doctor. My high school freshman was failing several classes and was extremely discouraged. The consultation was very thorough in order to try and match our son with a compatible tutor. The Tutor Doctor was able to match our son with a great tutor and that has made all the difference. Two months later and grades have been raised, morale ...

    Suzanne D.
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  • It is not often that I would consider writing to express my overall enthusiasm for job well done, but feel compelled to let you know how well Kalid has worked out as a tutor to our son. Ben has struggled for the past 2 years in math and had given up thinking he would ever be able to focus, absorb, or find continuum in his abilities to master this subject. That is, until Kalid. Kalid has a very ...

    Deb and Terry M.
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  • My son has been tutored by Nick during the summer and through the fall. They worked on a sophomore Honors History assignment. My husband and I were not only pleased with the interaction between Nick and my son, but also, the fact that Nick took it upon himself to read the same novel that was assigned. He said he felt that it would help him, help our son more specifically. Although, we haven’t seen ...

    Michelle H.
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  • Our tutor is very professional and is helping my daughter to be more successful when she takes the ACT test this fall.

    Phyliss & Russ D.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction!

    Sara & Tim G.
  • You find the right tutor for the student.

    Brianne & Shaun R.
  • You listened to what I needed and came up with a great match for tutoring. Very easy!

    Christine T.