Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to Tutor Doctor’s Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer is a great opportunity to help your students stay on track or even get ahead. Research has shown that over the summer, most students lose 20-30% of the academic gains they made over the previous school year.

Reading over the summer is a great way for kids to keep up their reading skills, which is why we are running our Summer Reading Challenge!

How does the challenge work?

  • Decide which books you would like to read.
  • Fill out the worksheet answering questions about each book that you have read.
  • Once you have read the number of books for your age group, submit your worksheet to us by July 20, 2023.
  • You will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card.

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Join us for our Summer Reading Challenge Celebration! (Details coming soon)