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  • Very professional one on one in Home tutoring. I like that they met with My teen and matched her perfectly with a tutor. It is almost more than a tutor - They talk & communicate with each other when she can not discuss with Me. Wish We would have started at beginning of the year!

    Tanna H.
  • How patient the Tutor is with my Scholar.

    Valerie J.
  • convenient and excellent tutor

    Cindy K.
  • The tutor comes to our house

    Rebecca H.
  • Great tutor

    Luis H.
  • Efficiency, sincere,,,,,

    Boyoung P.
  • Great tutors and Owner is responsive.

    DiAnn S.
  • Tracy is awesome

    Emily S.
  • Jay was very professional and Hannah said he was good at teaching her the necessary solutions.

    Sheryl D.
  • Tutor Doctor has been very supportive of our son. Jay, our tutor, is awesome! He always provides clear and interesting instruction.

    Grace O.
  • Effectiveness of one-on-one tutoring in our own home allowed my child to learn where he is comfortable. Hope was an excellent tutor. She was very encouraging and had a way of talking to my teenage son that he responded to very well.

    Barbara S.
  • Convenient to have tutoring sessions at home. Qualified, friendly tutors.

    Mark C.
  • We started with Keller Tutor Doctor in January 2014. Reading and spelling were my son's academic focus. The tutor matched to our son was perfect! She would help with homework when needed, however she always had a curriculm in mind that would appeal to my son's likes. She helped our son with reading, spelling, math, science, and writing. Our son has now completed 5th Grade. His grades are mainly ...

    Tammy K.
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  • Lauren Meadows is great to work with !!

    Jay C.
  • The Tutors and the progress my daughter is making.

    Scott F.
  • Excellent tutors that are matched appropriately with the student.

    Nikki W.
  • Stephanie is awesome. The teacher has actually educated me, on how to help my son with his reading. My son loves reading eggs all these website we had no clue about and my sons spends time actually reading the books without the frustration.

    Carol M.
  • I like the fact that your services are tailored to the needs of my child. I also like the flexibility and the fact that your tutor comes to our house.

    Lauri S.
  • My daughter is happy with Tutor Doctor. Thanks, KJ

    Kj O.
  • Tutors are always patient, prompt, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.

    Cj M.
  • Our Tutor, MR.Jay Abels, works fabulously with my son.

    Tony G.
  • Convenient

    Andrea P.
  • Flexibility

    Saida S.
  • We have an exceptional tutor for our daughter.

    Ryan R.
  • Paired us up quickly with a great tutor!

    Jennifer S.
  • Quality of instructors and professionalism

    Cher U.
  • The ability of the tutor to speak at a level in which my daughter understands, while maintaining patience and finding something positive even though the answer given might have been wrong initially.

    Brock F.
  • we love our tutor!

    Candice S.
  • Very geared toward what my son needs. The tutor is incredible.

    Betsy K.
  • That you come to our home.

    David O.
  • Your service has gone out of it's way to meet our needs.

    Tracy S.
  • Tutor Doctor is very accessible. Great follow up. Flexible scheduling that works for our son's busy schedule. Results that are clearly visible.

    Sheila L.
  • Very easy to work with. Things are going well.

    Cara B.
  • Its wonderful that one person initially comes over & 'interviews' the parents & gives them the opportunity to voice their wants & concerns for their kids. Also, meeting the kids & working w/them to see who will make the best fit as a tutor. Big plus is how the tutor comes to your house....that's awesome!!!

    Michelle R.
  • The quality of the tutors

    Diana B.
  • Good, personable work, with full concentration.

    Jimmy R.
  • Great tutors!

    Kristi V.
  • Tutor Doctor is amazing. They took the time to get know my son and match him with a great tutor. Carol helped my son get where he needed to be in school while always making it fun for him. He went from his teacher recommending he be held back to grade level. I was very impressed.

    Ruby L.
  • I like the process the company goes through to fit the right tutor with the student.

    Dee P.
  • The ability of the tutors to assess the areas where my daughter needs help and then focus of those areas is exactly what I was looking for in a tutor.

    Scott C.
  • The matchup of tutor to student was perfect.

    Melinda P.
  • Quality instructors.

    Lisa K.
  • Tutoring in the home works great for my daughter. Sheri is a wonderful tutor and they have a great rapport.

    Allison M.
  • The buisness is run like a well oiled machine with personality and care. Our tutor is extremely conscientious and is well prepared to help our son with any kind of math. Nicolas is taking the highest level of math offered at Central High school and is making an A in the course. The service that is provided by Tutor Doctor is worth every penny.

    Joni B.
  • The convenience of having the tutor come to my home saves me so much time.

    Sharon T.
  • Awesome tutor!

    Sandy L.
  • Tutor Doctor did a great job of matching our child's needs with her tutor's strengths.

    Bret M.
  • The tutors are very knowledgable in their area of expertise. They know how to communicate effectively with the student and gear their tutoring sessions to actual needs and concerns of the student and parent.

    Giselle C.
  • I loved the fact that the Tutor Doctor interviewed potential tutors for us to make sure the tutor was competent and compatible with our child. The prescreening saving us a lot of time and money.

    Pattie H.
  • we have had the best experience with tutor doctor. the tutors have been very professional and helpful. my daughter's grades have improved. i have tried over the years to find good tutors. i only wish i had found them sooner.

    Kelly H.
  • Nothing but praises for Tutor Doctor. I would highly recommend them to anyone any day.

    Lubula K.
  • Professional, dedicated tutors concerned and focused on the students individual success.

    Bridgett P.
  • My daughter Amelia is very satisfied with John Mixon & Stephanie Scott. They are definiety awesome tutors. She wants to keep continuing with them next year if she needs. They deserve the GOLD award. :)

    Cindy D.
  • Very responsive, very flexible and great quality

    Juliet S.
  • Sandy is very quick to respond to our needs and is very good with communicating with her clients.

    Shelley L.
  • The tutor We have been provided is Fantastic and is truly helping my daughter

    Kyle W.
  • I like the fact time is taken to try and match teachers with the kids. Not just for subject reference but also personality, needed influence to keep kids on task as well as giving the praise some students need when a kid as worked hard to earn it.

    Angela S.
  • Y'all are friendly, on time, professional and very accommodating!

    Debbie H.
  • Fit every student needs

    Hanan A.
  • That you have a lot of flexibility - number of days per week, able to transfer hours to other family members - and that you come to our home.

    Josie A.
  • Great tutor, kids like him, I like him, kids are learning a lot!

    Brent C.
  • Background checks. Thoroughness of finding qualified tutors. Thanks so much.

    Pam R.
  • It's actually working in helping my son understand Math to take the GED portion.

    Mary F.
  • Great tutors. I have had the experience of needing to change tutors twice, every time, Sandy has already provided me with a new tutor for my daughter. it is seemless and very easy. I believe that without the help of my daugther's math tutor she would not have passed math last year. They have all been wonderful

    Missy H.
  • Effective program! It has been a positive experience for my son!

    Leesa R.
  • April has been very good at understanding Trey and adaptable to his moods. God really gave us just the right person.

    Kelley K.
  • Love that you come to our home! We have a wonderful tutor that works great with our daughter!

    Olivia M.
  • Professional staff. Our tutor works great with my daughters dyslexia and I can see a big improvement in her reading.

    Christina F.
  • That it is my home, monitored and very flexible with our schedules and above all, the one on one interaction with my granddaughter.

    Rona E.
  • Good teachers, great customer service and convenient scheduling.

    Lynette C.
  • I love that the tutor is able to tutor my child in my home. I love that the tutoring is designed around my child's needs. I also love that the interaction is one on one. I wish I would have found tutor doctor much much sooner!

    Gennafer S.
  • The relationship that has been established between my daughter and her tutor, and that her tutor is able to come to the home.

    Matt K.
  • Very reliable and interested in my child needs. Ready to go to the point where she really need help.

    Carmen G.
  • It was very easy to get started with my local Tutor Doctor representative. Once the Physics tutor started working with my daughter, the change was instantly noticeable. The difference in her confidence in the subject is remarkable. Could not have asked for a better result or experience.

    Patric G.
  • Made finding a tutor incredibly easy.

    JPaul D.
  • that you are reliable, come to my home, and have excellent tutors.

    Nancy C.
  • I appreciate the personal touch of working with the owner Sandy. She and her team did an excellent job matching my child with her tutor, whom we also love and look forward to working with Sandy and her team next school year.

    Ebony G.
  • My grandson is doing much better in school and really likes his tutor.

    Shirley M.
  • I love the quality of the tutors...and the initial meeting felt comfortable and right.

    Gina N.
  • THe flexibility

    Laura G.
  • Anna Townsend is the best.

    Donna T.
  • Thomas has a great realtionship with the tutuor - they stay on task and the tutor is very organized

    Donna C.
  • The response time was incredible. Tutor Doctor was able to find the perfect tutor for our specific purpose in a very short amount of time. The company went above and beyond the call in order to help meet my son's needs in math.

    Debbie L.
  • You were quick to answer my questions. and I liked that your tutors work with whatever needs to be worked on, not JUST homework help.

    Chris K.
  • The good fit between tutor and student.

    Leila B.
  • I appreciate the help I received and it has made me a successful graduate of TWU. I have earned my masters degree and I thank you foe helping me achieve it. Please let Mike know that I appreciate his help.

    Mary R.
  • At tutor doctor, people answer your calls and respond to your questions quickly. The staff we encountered were all very friendly and professional.

    Tammy D.
  • Miss Sarah is a wonderful teacher, the learning time is fun, filled with fun learning games. She is always complimenting and praising to build confidence for a job well done. We appreciate her and look forward to the teaching time.

    Mary P.
  • After 6 weeks of struggling, my son is finally starting to understand his physics class. I am thrilled with the progress so far.

    Jennifer W.
  • I like that the tutors are screened ahead of time and really know their stuff.

    Lisa D.
  • Punctuality and caring

    Gabriela M.
  • Trustworthy, on time and excellent resources !

    Scott I.
  • The tutor is very good and professional

    Sandeep S.
  • Our tutor is professional and is able to help my son with the math he is currently studying in school. Having the tutor come to our home makes the process more comfortable for my son.

    Cynthia O.
  • Quick at meeting the needs of the student and parent and matching student with teacher.

    Susan C.
  • One on one. Match tutor for best results.

    Jennifer C.
  • We do really like Heather...

    Bruce V.
  • good tutor, work around busy schedules, check in on progress, love the online/email progress report with information for parents to understand what is going on.

    Susannah K.
  • They find tutor according to your need.

    Gary P.
  • It's early in the process although I like the updates on my child's progress and will be able to measure the progression of his learning with the different teaching tools.

    Al P.
  • Everyone is very courteous & friendly. The child & their needs seem to be the most important factor in your services, which is essential.

    Alicia K.
  • If my tutor doesn't work out, I don't have to do the work of finding a new one; Tutor Doctor does it for me.

    Sandy M.
  • The best thing is that a very professional tutor comes to your home to work with the child in a setting that the child is most comfortable.

    Lisa A.
  • I like your Prompt respond when we have have any kind of problems and mostly you have very good teachers.My son has improved a lot and I definitely think its all worth to spend the money.

    Afshan S.
  • services customized to personal needs

    Ronda P.
  • I like that your tutors come to the house. I like the level of knowledge the tutors have in each subject.

    Wanda S.
  • Easy engagement process and the tutor match is perfect for my kids.

    Lisa S.
  • It is very convenient that tutors come to your home. I also like that tutors communicate with your child's classroom teacher(s).

    Linda H.
  • matching the student with a tutor that the student can work with effectively.

    Frank C.
  • Individualized plans for each student and the professionalism of the service

    Kristy K.
  • I like that the tutor comes to the house. Sherry was very knowlegable about the subject in which she tutored (math).

    Tonya C.
  • I totaly depend on you to find me a good teacher

    Mervat H.
  • Wanted to reach out to say thank you to you and your team! Jennifer and Brian have been truly been a blessing to our family. Jennifer's patience and persistence was remarkable! She helped our daughter so much and broke things down to it's simplest form. To say she was thorough would be an understatement Always pleasant and professional, even after long days of working herself. She was priceless! ...

    Happy Customer
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  • We have been so impressed with Tutor Doctor. Our son was failing Algebra and didn't seem to have the motivation to get help at school. Once he started with his tutor, he turned it around and made a 90 on his last test! She is wonderful with him, and he works so well with her. Definitely recommend.

    Happy Customer
  • This place is amazing, they took the time to get to know my son and found a tutor that works with his unique needs. Our son is now more confident in his reading and writing because of the tutoring he had over the summer with tutor doctor. Thank you tutor doctor!

    Happy Customer
  • I searched out tutor doctor so I could increase my ACT/SAT scores. I had a short period of time so the plan they made for me was so important. The tutors were great and I increased my ACT score by 5 points in just 6 weeks. Awesome!

    Happy Customer
  • My boys, ages 7 and 11, have each had their own tutors for the first half of this school year. Recently we had our parent/teacher conferences for each of them and their progress since the beginning of school has been amazing. My youngest son has struggled to read but he is now reading on a 1st grade level and his teachers have told me they are very impressed with his improvement! My oldest son's ...

    Happy Customer
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  • I want to celebrate the reason my son went from failing 3 courses in high school to graduating with honors. Everyone from the staff to the tutors were professional and extremely knowledgable about the subject matter that my son needed help in. He has completed his 1st year at UNT in AstroPhysics with a minor in math and has a 4.0. That's right...... a 4.0. Nicks tutor helped him organize his ...

    Happy Customer
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  • Tutor Doctor was key in getting my daughter up to speed at her new high school when we moved. They are great being flexible with schedules and have the best tutors.

    Happy Customer
  • Tutor Doctor has been amazing. They took time to get to know my son and match him with a great tutor, Carol. When he started his school was considering moving in back, but after working with Carol he improved quickly and was working at grade level. He loved working with Carol.

    Happy Customer
  • My son wasn't connecting with his Pre-AP Chemistry teacher and was struggling. Thankfully, he was open to tutoring through Tutor Doctor. After just one session, I received this text from him: "My tutor's paying off". He now feels confident in class and his grades have improved. I sure wish we would have started tutoring earlier in the year.

    Happy Customer
  • Our daughter was not a willing participant at first because thought she was "stupid" when we suggested a tutor. After Megan, our daughters Geometry tutor from Tutor Doctor, working with her just 4 sessions, our daughter made a 97% on her Pre-AP Geometry test! Our daughter was so excited that she texted us a picture of it from school and now it's displayed on our refrigerator! She was even ...

    Happy Customer
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  • We had a great experience with Tutor Doctor. Out tutor, Chris, was fantastic. Both of my kids loved him and, more importantly, they learned a ton from him!

    Happy Customer
  • Works well with the student and is flexible in scheduling around our busy schedule. Teaches concepts towards the students strengths. Would definitely recommend to others.

    Tammy J, Southlake
  • My e2e experience was great and I am really happy and thankful that I contacted Jinu to help my son to do better at school. The time and dedication that Jinu took to understand our specific situation, and most important my son personality pros and cons was priceless. Jinu was able to plan ahead and select the right tutor that cold help my soon, and that it was a good fit for him, not just any ...

    Federico, Keller
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  • Tutor Doctors helped our son excel in his math class this year with a high A, where before his math grades had been on the decline for the last year or two. The tutor that we had over the summer was excellent and we have continued to use him online as well. Mr. Mathew really works hard for his clients in getting the best tutor to fit your needs. I highly recommend them.

    Amy, Southlake
  • Tutor Doctor ( Jinu specificially) provided one on one PSAT practice for my sixth grade son. My son benefited from the weekly sessions ; they covered several new topics in less than 10 weeks. Tutor Doctor was very understanding of our schedule as well (which I appreciated as a parent). And my son loved being challenged to learn and apply new strategies each week !

    Raine Chacko, Southlake
  • Tends to individual needs, tutor is reliable and effective. The service has definitely met our expectations, and has covered our needs.

    Anna C.
  • We like that the tutor comes to our house and is reachable by text. She is great!

    Leslie H.
  • The tutoring experience is tailored to my daughters weakness and strengths.

    Amanda S.
  • Tutor Doctor does a good job matching tutors to students. I feel like my son works with very knowledgeable people.

    Lynn L.
  • Flexibility in creating a schedule that matches our child’s needs and schedule.

    Matt S.
  • When Tutor Doctor said that they were going to find the best tutor for our son based on his personality etc. I really didn’t think that would happen. But that’s exactly what they did and his tutor is outstanding. We saw and immediate change and couldn’t be happier. And he loves her. We were worried about him not wanting to do “more work” after school and After-Care but he looks forward to meeting ...

    Matt S.
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  • Covers the needs of my student to help them succeed. Tutor is reliable, punctual, and communicative.

    Anna C.
  • Student to tutor match up. We got a great fit.

    Sheelagh W.
  • The follow up is fantastic. The tutors are professional and knowledgeable.

    DiAnn S.
  • The Personal attention that is provided by Tyler is awesome.

    Michelle S.
  • Student to tutor match up. We got a great fit

    Sheelagh W.
  • The tutors are great.

    Lynn L.
  • Covers the needs of my student to help them succeed. Tutor is reliable, punctual, and communicative.

    Anna C.
  • Come to the home, competent tutors

    Jill B.
  • When Tutor Doctor said that they were going to find the best tutor for our son based on his personality etc. I really didn't think that would happen. But that's exactly what they did and his tutor is outstanding. We saw and immediate change and couldn't be happier. and he loves her. We were worried about him not wanting to do more work after school and After-Care but he looks forward to meeting ...

    Matt S.
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  • Tutors work well with my daughter.

    Jeana B.
  • Great tutor. She is helping my son out a lot!

    Shametra B.
  • Flexibility in creating a schedule that matches our child's needs and schedule

    Brenton S.
  • I like that they conveniently come to my house.

    Hollye P.
  • The tutoring experience is tailored to my daughters weakness and strengths

    Amanda S.
  • We like that the tutor comes to our house and is reachable by text. She is great!

    Leslie H.
  • Personalized to the child. Ability to skip over concepts that are mastered and spend time on areas requiring improvement.

    Kristi M.
  • It is a good price and the tutor is excellent!!

    Paris H.
  • Extremely responsive, flexible, and accommodating. Id recommend to anyone!

    Becky F.
  • My boys, ages 7 and 11, have each had their own tutors for the first half of this school year. Recently we had our parent/teacher conferences for each of them and their progress since the beginning of school has been amazing. My youngest son has struggled to read but he is now reading on a 1st grade level and his teachers have told me they are very impressed with his improvement! My oldest son's ...

    Kelli H.
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  • You try to match the student with the tutor. It works out really well

    Jan M.