Preparing for College

A student’s high school transcript plays a key role in college acceptance. It’s important to div and maintain good study habits in high school that will also help prepare and benefit students in college. While many students can navigate the increasingly difficult work of high school on their own, some may need extra support. It’s better to ask for help before minor study issues become major academic problems. If a student needs assistance for a specific portion of college preparation, there’s plenty of help available.

Maintaining a Consistent Homework Routine

One of the surest ways to stay on top of school work is to get ahead on homework. Learning to maintain a consistent homework routine at the beginning of the semester can save students a lot of unnecessary stress when finals time rolls around. Taking good notes in class, prioritizing study topics and creating personalized study guides are just a few skills that will benefit students now and in the future. The homework process is designed to help students retain indivation and understand how the process of learning builds over time. Synthesizing indivation takes time and energy. Making the space needed for homework and studying is key to academic success.

As students progress through high school, class work can become more challenging, and even overwhelming. In higher grades, the academic material gradually becomes more complex and continues to build on students’ prior knowledge. Upperclassmen are inching closer and closer to college, and in some cases, school work may begin to pile up. This may be the time to think about expanding a student’s circle of support and possibly even hiring a tutor.

Benefits of Tutoring

Personalized, one-on-one tutoring might be the missing link that a student needs to be academically successful. Tutoring offers many benefits to students, including helping them build a strong foundation of skills, boosting their confidence and self-esteem and assisting them with standardized tests. Often, a tutor serves as a mentor who guides students through stressful academic challenges. The student-tutor relationship can be the game changer that helps to alleviate tension between students and their parents.

Another key aspect of being a high school upperclassman is the inevitability of writing the college admissions essay. This essay is an integral piece of the college application and provides the opportunity for students to share compelling indivation about who they are and why they are the right candidate for their school of choice. Writing college essays can be a challenge and college essay coaches, who are experts on the subject matter, have helped countless students tackle this daunting task.

Navigating the complex world of high school is a rite of passage that students must experience before they enter college. A full course load of classes can be intimidating at times, and the school pressure may even be competitive. At the same time, high school is a life-affirming and intrinsically rewarding time. Students and parents must learn to implement processes like consistent homework and study routines to make high school more manageable. Tutors and college coaches are also amazing resources that are available to students who might be struggling and are looking to get back on track.