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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny piece of data stored on your computer or mobile device that helps the website “remember” your activities or preferences over a period of time. Tutor Doctor’s website puts these tiny “cookies” into your computer to collect information about how you browse the site. Most browsers support cookies but users do have the option to change their browsers, declining or deleting them whenever they like.

What data is stored by a Cookie?

Inside of a cookie, there is a string of text containing information about the browser. A cookie does not need to know where you are from to work properly – it only needs to remember your browser.

Typically, cookies only contain the following information: the URL of the website that created the cookie, the duration of the cookie’s abilities and effects, as well as a random number. Due to the cookies’ small size, they are not normally used to reveal any personal information including your identity unless you have willingly provided the website with that personal information already. A genuine website will encrypt this personal information stored in the cookie to prevent unauthorised usage by another party with access to your cookie folder.

Cookies have six parameters that can be passed to them:

  • The name of the cookie
  • The value of the cookie
  • The expiration date of the cookie – this determines how long the cookie will remain active in your browser
  • The URL path the cookie is valid for – web pages outside of this path cannot use the cookie
  • The domain the cookie is valid for – this makes the cookie accessible to pages on all servers when a site uses multiple servers in a domain
  • The need for a secure connection – this indicates that the cookie can only be used under a secure server condition, such as a site using SSL

How to control cookies?

Users must be aware that any preferences will be lost if cookies are deleted, altering the website’s functionality. Therefore, we do not recommend turning cookies off when using

Most browsers accept cookies automatically but users can alter their browser’s settings, erasing cookies in order to prevent automatic acceptance. Browsers generally provide the option to see the cookies currently stored and to accept, reject or delete cookies, as well as block third party cookies and subscribe to a notification when a cookie is issued. However, a quick visit to the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu on the browser will allow users to change settings. The browser help section usually provide detailed information on how this is accomplished.

Don’t forget that cookies are there for a reason – deleting performance cookies stops us from being able to learn what people like or don’t like about our website so that we can make it better.

User Consent

By continuing to use the website, you automatically agree to the placement of cookies on your device. If you choose not to receive our cookies, we cannot assure you a fulfilling experience.