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ACT/SAT® Test Prep in Cincinnati

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Our Programs Include:

ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic Exam Book

Should you take the ACT or the SAT®? The tutors we work with can help you find out!

  • Initial consultation before test prep tutoring
  • Diagnostic exams to determine area for improvement
  • Comprehensive practice tests
  • Full breakdown of progress reports & scores
  • Customized lesson plans
  • Personalized test taking strategies
  • Counsel on which test to take & how many times
  • Regular check-ins with a test prep expert
  • Up-to-date test prep materials & guides
  • 10 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students who are 1 month or less away from exam
    • Who are confident with their scores and simply want review
    • Who have limited availability and a busy schedule
    • Who only need help with one section

    Packages Includes:

    • Personalized quizzes online
    • Accurate results for practice tests
    • Progress reports delivered straight to you
  • 24 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students who are 2-3 months away from the exam
    • Who have never taken the ACT or SAT® exam
    • Who need comprehensive tutoring on all test sections
    • Who struggled with the basics on one or more sections
    • Who need help with test-taking strategies

    Packages Includes:

    • Personalized quizzes online
    • Accurate results for practice tests
    • Progress reports delivered straight to you

The Tutor Doctor Difference

With so many different tutoring companies claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to decide on who to choose. We’re here to resolve that confusion. Since 2001, Tutor Doctor has been the trusted name in test prep and tutoring services. Our skilled Cincinnati tutors have helped numerous students achieve the desired results on their SAT® or ACT exams and can do the same for your child.

Some reasons why we’re the trusted tutors in Cincinnati:

  • We’re dedicated – Our skilled tutors work with students one-to-one to better assess their needs and progress. We serve as a partner in your child’s academic success.
  • We’re grounded and practical – Unlike other tutoring companies, we don’t promise unrealistic results. The tutors we work with carefully diagnose your child’s strengths and weaknesses and create customized lessons that target that. Past students have raised their ACT scores by 3-11 points, while other students have improved their SAT® scores by 100-300 points.
  • We’re results oriented – Through consistent tutoring sessions and personalized attention, our Cincinnati test prep tutors help your child achieve the results they want. Our practice tests and study guides help students know what to expect during the tests and how to prepare for them.

Invest in your child’s future by giving them all the tools they need to succeed. Call (513) 449-2363 to schedule a tutoring session in Cincinnati. We help students conquer their SAT®and ACT exams!