Meet the Team

Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central

At Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central, we carefully recruit and select top tutors who fully believe in our mission to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Our tutors are professionals that understand every student learns differently and their role is to support, mentor and uplift each student on their academic journey.

Our team has a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets and personalities, which means we are confident we have tutors for every type of learner! Our Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central tutors have a minimum of a high-school diploma, but most have achieved or are in the process of achieving a higher education degree up to their PhD. A large percentage of our tutors are or have been certified teachers in the school system as well.

Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central tutors are:

  • Content Experts: Our tutors have a deep understanding for the subjects they teach. We carefully discuss with each tutor their subject strengths and how that translates to teaching others
  • Professional: Our tutors understand the importance of proactively communicating, committing to the agreed upon session days/times and providing an informative session report detailing what was covered in each tutoring session
  • Caring: Our tutors love to help others! They understand that each student learns differently and that different teaching methods need to be employed for each student to achieve those “lightbulb” moments! We always so our goal is to connect students with the Right Tutor not just A Tutor.