Meet the Owner

Rasheed Haneef

Owner / Education Consultant

As the proud owner of Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central and your Education Consultant, it is my job to make sure we understand your unique situation, develop individualized academic goals, and provide a solution to help your student be successful. I will deliver a recommendation for success that will help us put your student on a path towards better educational achievement. We start with a personalized conversation that discusses your student’s learning needs and focused areas for tutoring. It is my responsibility to make sure we exceed your expectations. I have very high expectations of the service we provide to our clients- especially when it comes to quality, communication, and performance. I have confidence our tutors will provide an extremely high level of service and if there is ever a time when you have questions or concerns, you will always have my personal contact information to reach out to me directly so I can promptly respond to your needs. It is my ultimate goal to ensure that Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central always provides a high-quality client experience for as long as you need academic support.

I am a proud, honored and decorated Retired Veteran of the US Navy. I attribute my work ethic, leadership ability and discipline to my time in the Navy. Although I spent time in many roles the most rewarding was in Learning. While in the Navy I achieved the certification of Master Training Specialist for teaching Naval Officers the Principles of Naval Engineering. Upon leaving the Navy I spent time as a Financial Advisor where I managed the assets and financial futures for my clients at one of Wall Street’s larger financial institutions. After leaving that firm I moved on to two additional financial organizations where I spent time as both a Learning Consultant and Learning Manager. I have over 27 years of experience in Learning. In my corporate learning role, I was responsible for managing programs that developed sales, service, leadership and learning professionals. During that period, I developed over 10,000 associates in my time, and I am still developing people today. In 2013 I took time off to publish my book titled “Are You a Salesperson or a Business Owner”. Although I love the consulting work that I do, by far the most important and rewarding role I have is in the support of the future CEOs in school right now. The past 2 years has really acerbated the learning loss and I want to be a part of the solution for the students in my community. This is Why I do what I do!

I understand the challenges our students were facing with uncertainty, eLearning, separation, and technology. I also understand the challenges parents are facing with juggling our own work responsibilities and managing our children’s education. I have deep respect for teachers and school administrators, especially as education continues to evolve. I believe that Tutor Doctor Charlotte-Central is here to be an extension of the child’s classroom and provide the one-to-one personalized learning experience to guide your student on their educational journey. We are all in this together and Tutor Doctor is here to help!