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Why the ACT?

The ACT test, formerly known as the American College Test, was created by Everett Franklin Lindquist, who was discontent with the SAT® exam. He believed the latter exam tested students only on their innate aptitude and not their potential to learn. That is why he created the ACT, which consists of four sections – English, Math, Reading, and Science. Each section is given a score, which is then averaged together to create a composite score. 36 points is the highest possible score a student can receive on an exam. Learn more about the 4 mandatory sections of the ACT Exam.

At Tutor Doctor of Central Ohio we understand how stressful it can be preparing for the ACT. The exam has the potential to change a student’s academic course. Almost all colleges and universities in the United States use the test to determine who they will accept. With more individuals pursuing higher education, doing well on the ACT exam can give your child the advantage they need to go to the school they love!

Call Our Skilled Central Ohio Tutors for Your Test Prep Needs

The SAT® exams and the ACTs are two of the most formative tests in a young student’s academic career. Colleges and universities use these scores to determine how prepared an individual is for the rigors of higher education. However, with discipline, determination, and solid test preparation, there is no reason why your child cannot do well in these exams. If they have dreams of going to the Ohio State University, Miami University, Indiana University, or beyond, we can help.

We’re Your Trusted Partners for SAT® & ACT Prep

At Tutor Doctor Central Ohio, we understand that the selection of test prep tutors can be overwhelming – how do you choose the right program for your child? Our private tutors in Columbus all bring comprehensive knowledge and insight into the SAT® exams and ACTs. They impart studying skills and strategic test-taking plans to help students focus and excel. Not only that, but they form close connections built on mutual trust and respect. We want your child to do well almost as much as you do!

All of our test prep programs include:

  • Full diagnostic assessments
  • Full-length practice exams
  • Customized strategies for each test
  • Practice in pacing and time management
  • In-depth information about the tests
  • Current ACT & SAT® exam study materials
  • Worksheets, assignments, and practice tests

Not Your Ordinary Columbus tutoring Services

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has revolutionized the academic community. We know that students learn differently, which is why we offer individualized lesson plans to help them do well. We assess your child’s needs and pair them with a tutor that complements their needs. When students work with a Central Ohio tutor, parents can expect an engaging, well-qualified tutor, individualized instruction, instant feedback and accountability, detailed score reports, and weekly progress updates to ensure their student can achieve their personal best.

Your child’s future success is only a phone call away. Contact us by calling (614) 980-0302
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  • 12 Hours

    Recommended For Students Who:

    • Are a month away from exam
      Are confident with their scores and simply want review
      Have limited availability and a busy schedule
      Only need help with one section
  • 18 Hours

    Recommended For Students Who:

    • Have 2-3 months until the exam
      Want to review the basics of the test
      Want detailed reviews for select parts of the test
      Did not achieve the desired results on a previous test
  • 24 or 32 Hours

    Recommended For Students Who:

    • Are 3-4 months away from the exam
      Have never taken the ACT exam
      Need comprehensive tutoring on all test sections
      Struggle with the basics in one or more sections
      Need help with test-taking strategies