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Some children seem to have difficulties in completing assignments due to lack of executive skills. Executive skills are essential because they help students take ownership over their education and become responsible of completing their homework and managing their time properly.

If your child has such an issue with executive skills, Tutor Doctor Brampton Caledon is the solution.

We understand that different students have different learning abilities. That is why standardized curriculums leave many at a disadvantage. Our private tutors in Brampton and Caledon take the time to learn each student’s needs before creating customized lesson plans. Tutor Doctor also include lessons on improving executive skills within our Caledon & Brampton tutoring services.

Check out the Tutor Doctor process:

  • Assess: Assessing the needs of each student
  • Match: Pairing the learner with a qualified tutor who suits their learning style and needs
  • Tutor: Customizing the curriculum for each student
  • Support: Following up with our services by providing weekly progress reports

Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 families in 15+ different countries. To learn how we can help your student, call (844) 811-1475 to schedule a tutoring service in Brampton and Caledon.