Our Top Picks for Books to Read This Summer

Students may experience a decrease in reading and math scores after a long vacation, which we refer to as the “summer slide.” Reading is a great way to keep young minds active during a break, and is an excellent option for students of all ages! Here are Tutor Doctor’s top picks for books to read this summer for every age group.

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Reading and Comprehension

  • 5 Reading Strategies That Boost Memory

    We're going to be addressing a common issue that shows up in at least 70% of our consultations with the students we support through tutoring – auditory processing and short-term memory issues. Or, more specifically, how these challenges affect reading comprehension.

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  • How Reading and Comprehension Affects All Subjects

    When we think of reading and comprehension practice, English classes generally first come to mind. However, it's important that we recognize the significance of reading and comprehension skills in all subjects, as these abilities are used in many areas of education.

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