Fun Winter Break Activities for Kids

Winter break is a well-deserved vacation from school, but it’s also important for kids to keep their minds occupied during their time off! Here are some engaging winter break activities children will love.

Play outdoors! As many parents point out, kids are often quick to use their winter break “plugged in” to electronic devices. If the weather permits, encourage your kids to go outside and get some exercise. Creating snow sculptures is always a blast!

Take pictures. The holidays are a time to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime – and there’s no better way to capture those moments than with a photograph! With modern technology, nearly everyone has access to a high-quality camera in their pocket. Encourage your kids to snap photos of friends and loved ones. Scrapbooking is also a creative way to organize memories into an album! Read more about how selfies and portraits can inspire creativity here.

Give back to the community. Volunteer work is an incredibly rewarding experience that directly helps families in need. During the holidays, volunteer options are even more available with toy drives, food donations, and gift-wrapping events. Volunteer work is a whole lot of fun, and it will make your kids feel good about helping another child in need. For older students, volunteer hours are also an impressive addition to any college application! Check out our blog for more volunteer ideas here.

Take up a hobby. With time off school, kids will often find themselves with extra time on their hands. Hobbies – like creating art or learning a musical instrument – are not only beneficial for mental health but also provide learning benefits for students. Creativity is rooted in problem-solving skills, and art-based hobbies can be a wonderful way for kids and teens to express themselves. Click here to read more about how to nurture your child’s creativity (and why it matters)!

Prep for school! Although this might not seem like the most “fun” activity for kids, getting ready for the return to school is always a wise decision that will surely pay off. A big reason the transition back to school is so difficult on students is that kids get accustomed to a different sleeping schedule, so we highly recommend “setting the alarms” a few days before school starts to help kids get adjusted. It also won’t hurt to encourage students to complete any big assignments a few days in advance!

During winter break, kids have a tendency to “zone out” with electronic devices. For more tips on avoiding excess screen time during the holidays, click here to read our blog on the topic!