Arbor Day: 4 Things You Can Do as a Family to Help Protect and Save Trees

Arbor Day is coming up on April 26th – the last Friday of April every year! Here are 4 things you can do as a family to help protect and save trees.

1. Plant a tree. The original goal of Arbor Day was to encourage people to plant trees, and you can help carry on that tradition with your family today. Spend an afternoon picking out a spot to plant it, and have your kids pick which kind of tree they’d like to grow! This can also be a wonderful teaching opportunity for parents to educate kids on the importance of trees. Trees help produce the oxygen we breathe and support plant and animal life around the globe. In addition, trees work together with other forest life to ensure clean drinking water and create a barrier against rough weather conditions. And because trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, they also fight against global warming and climate change. The more trees, the better!

2. Reduce paper usage. The world has become an increasingly paperless place, and we welcome the change! Many adults are sure to appreciate the change to paperless finances to reduce mailbox clutter each month. Kids can do their part as well by reusing scrap paper for art projects, conserving household toiletries, and making other adjustments to their daily routines. For example, purchasing a metal lunchbox and reusable water bottle for school is a sustainable choice, and it’s also a great way for kids to pick out a design that expresses their individuality!

3. Donate books. Do you have old books that your children have outgrown? Donating them is a great way to encourage reuse. Have your child go through their book collection and pick out the titles they are no longer interested in. This is also a wonderful way to show the importance of generosity and giving back to others, and parents can remind kids that their books will go to a library or donation center to be enjoyed by another family.

4. Visit a protected forest. Depending on where you live, you may have a state or nationally protected forest in your area. These forests are absolutely stunning, and many are ideal preservations of our planet’s natural state prior to urban settlement. A core component towards saving the trees is bringing awareness to their importance, and there’s few better ways than to visit a protected forest. As a side note, national parks and forests are excellent outdoor recreational options for families who wish to spend quality time outdoors.

Want to know more about how you can get involved with protecting the trees? Click here to visit the Arbor Day Foundation’s website for more information.