How Effective is Online Tutoring?

If you’re considering hiring a tutor, you may be wondering, does online tutoring work? It’s a valid question that many parents and students have as they research the best option. As technology advances, online tutors are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.

There are incredible benefits to working with an online tutoring company. Let’s compare these two different learning applications.

Traditional Tutoring vs. Online Tutoring

What is Online Tutoring?

Rather than having someone come to your home or heading out the door to a classroom setting for some extra help with topics, online tutors offer a virtual teaching experience using the Internet and various technologies to achieve academic goals.

Benefits of Online Tutoring


When you log into a computer for a tutoring session, the need to commute is eliminated. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting items, navigating roads during busy times or bad weather, or skipping sessions.


Using an online tutoring website allows for appointment times that work within your schedule and the flexibility to adjust your plan with ease.

More Options

Entrusting your tutoring needs to Tutor Doctor means you have far more options for subjects than you would with smaller-scale traditional methods. We work with more than 28,000 tutors globally, which means that you can enjoy more course options and a much more comprehensive selection of tutors to find the perfect fit for success.

Better Relationships

Having the advantage of individual tutoring sessions online means your student gets all the attention they need to understand a topic. Trust builds more efficiently, and with the ability to share screens, your tutor will be able to pinpoint areas of difficulty and interact more engagingly.

Disadvantages of Traditional Tutoring


With traditional, in-person tutoring, there are expenses incurred for travel. Whether you are commuting to your tutor or the tutor is coming to you, it takes extra time and money.

Limited Teaching Aids

Bringing materials back and forth for learning sessions tends to limit the number of items utilized. And it adds stress onto students when their tutor needs to lean over their shoulder to see progress and provide insightful advice. Using a digital tool for sharing work and questions can create a more convenient means of communication.


The elephant in the room that has been hindering in-person gatherings and opportunities exponentially factors heavily into this. Online tutors can continue educating without risk, whereas in-person learning may experience cancelation or postponement based on current situations.

In short, online tutoring is becoming the go-to for busy students in need of a safe learning environment. It’s most certainly worth trying with the added convenience of flexible appointments, more subject options, and creating stronger relationships. Not to mention, traditional tutoring is often more expensive than e-learning due to transportation, cost of materials, and potential overhead costs for learning centers.