How Tutor Doctor Can Help Students Struggling in Science

Science can be one of the most challenging subjects for students in school. Here’s how Tutor Doctor can help students struggling in science!

Focus on specific fields. One of the reasons science can be more difficult for students to obtain academic support is because science itself can range widely in content and requirements. Chemistry classes may focus more on laboratory experiments whereas biology classes can be more dedicated towards research and observation. It’s important for students to work with a tutor that specializes in the type of scientific field they need assistance with. The science tutors we work with are well-versed in multiple science fields up to high school level, and specialized instruction is also available for AP and college level subjects.

Connections with math (and other subjects). Science classes can also be difficult because they rely heavily on having sound background knowledge in the foundational subjects. Math skills go hand in hand with science classes, and research-based fields require language arts mastery (note taking, citations, formatting, etc.) Students need to have a solid foundation in these subjects in order to succeed in any science class, and a tutor can effectively identify areas where gaps may exist in the student’s learning. Many students experience massive improvements simply by going back to revisit critical math and writing skills that are so heavily relied upon in scientific fields.

Relevance and application. Part of what makes science hard to grasp is that so much of the content is often based on applied use and real-world experiments. If a student isn’t understanding the connection between the science and the application, they’re going to have an even more difficult time understanding the concept itself. A lot of the time, students simply don’t see the relevance of what they’re learning in science class. Like math subjects, science unfortunately also suffers from the classic “When am I ever going to need this?” question raised by countless students over the years. Working with a tutor can help bridge these connections and spark a student’s interest in scientific fields. Tutors can help explain the real-world implications of the material students are learning as well as provide suggestions for external resources (museums, presentations, etc).

Standardized testing. It’s worth mentioning that for any students taking the ACT, brushing up on your science skills is a huge plus. One of the ACT’s four sections is devoted to science, and a good test prep tutor can make sure you maximize your points on these exams. And although the standard SAT doesn’t have a science section, for college applications many students will take SAT Subject Tests – which are available in science fields including biology, chemistry, and physics.

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