How to Prep for the SAT/ACT Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to current health guidelines surrounding COVID-19, traditional practice approaches for the SAT/ACT exams (like prep classes) may not be an option. Here are some effective ways to prep for these important exams from the comfort of your own home!

1. Online practice tests. Fortunately, Tutor Doctor offers free proctored practice tests for both the SAT and ACT (click below to sign up). These practice exams are based on actual past tests and provide an excellent overview of the types of questions that will be asked on the SAT/ACT. Students receive a detailed score report which our experts review with the student in a free one hour strategy session.

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2. At-home mock exams. While we recommend using practice exams at your leisure, having a full scale “mock exam” is an incredibly valuable method to prepare for the SAT/ACT. Parents can help to proctor the exam, keeping track of the allotted time for each test section. A mock exam will help students to get a feel for both the pacing and structure of these exams.

3. Test prep workbooks. SAT and ACT prep workbooks can be incredibly helpful tools for students preparing for these exams in advance. While official practice exams are helpful, study guides and workbooks are chock full of additional information that can help students to increase their scores (test-taking strategies, for example). As supplemental resources, test prep guides are useful to provide additional explanations, lessons, and practice exercises for students to prepare with.

4. Planning and scheduling. Students can avoid a lot of stress by organizing and planning their SAT/ACT commitment in advance. Make a schedule of important dates, especially registration deadlines and test dates. If applicable, research and finalize choices for the SAT subject tests. Students can also make a “test kit” containing everything they will need for exam day (#2 pencils, a calculator with extra batteries, erasers, etc.). Finally, make a to-do list and set reminders for important tasks (like printing out your admission ticket prior to the exam).

5. Working with a test prep tutor. Not only can tutors help with practice exams and exercises, but they can also identify problem areas that have the potential to hurt a student’s score. Whereas general SAT/ACT prep courses focus on all sections, some students may need extra attention in one or more specific subject areas. Tutors can help students to determine a baseline, work through challenge areas, and set a goal or target to work towards. Everyone has different learning styles and academic strengths, and private tutors are able to personalize test prep programs to fit a student’s individual needs. Online tutoring is a convenient and safe approach towards test prep, and we recommend all high school students use summer vacation as an opportunity to prepare for these challenging exams. For more information about our online tutoring and test preparation programs, click here.