How to Make the Most of Winter Break

For most students, winter vacation is a well-deserved break from school. During your time off, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the new year. Here are Tutor Doctor’s tips on how to make the most of winter break!

Go over your goals. As we’ve said before, it’s better to make a new year’s goal than a resolution. With a goal, you can set a target and plan out the steps to make it happen. The winter break is an excellent time to start thinking about what you’d like to accomplish moving into spring and beyond. If your goal is to improve a grade in a certain class, you can begin to brainstorm strategies for making that goal a reality. In order to do that, our next tip will also help…

Reflect on the past year. When you’re planning out your goals and objectives for this year, consider what has happened over the past several months. Try to think about what worked well, and aim to repeat any strategies that helped you succeed. Just as importantly, think about what didn’t work, and what you might have done differently. Looking back, are there any situations that you would approach in another way? Here’s an example:

Last semester in algebra, I wasn’t able to study for the midterm until a few days before the exam. I stayed up all night cramming for the test and barely got any sleep. I ended up getting a high C, but I know I can do better. This time, I’m going to start reviewing for the midterm two weeks in advance by devoting 30 minutes each night towards studying.

Limit screen time and enjoy the outdoors. Although many students like to spend their winter break watching TV and surfing the net, try to go outside if the weather permits. Most of the time we’re indoors during the week – students will typically find themselves in a classroom most of the day. The winter break is a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. Even better, spend the time with your family or loved ones. Even if you aren’t able to spend too much time outdoors, try your best to limit screen time and try out some organic activities – board games are always fun on a cold day!

Adjust your sleeping schedule in advance. We all know sleeping in is a blast – after all, you’re on vacation! Just keep in mind that when school is back in session, you’ll have to start waking up early again. This drastic change can be jarring for many students when returning after a lengthy winter break. We recommend getting back into your routine at least a few days before going back to school to start getting your body used to waking up early in the morning again. Trust us – it’s a lot better than feeling like a zombie the first week back at school!

Picture yourself next year. Consider what you’ll be doing next year at this time. What will be the same? What will be different? For many students, a year can bring a lot of change. If you’re a high school senior, you may find yourself on a college campus at this time next year. This is a good mental exercise to start thinking about what lies ahead in your exciting future!