8 Habits for Students to Achieve Academic Success

We’ve got some easy and simple tips to help pave your road to academic success. Here are 8 habits of successful students!

1. Keeping a planner. A detailed planner or agenda is a critical tool for the successful student. Consistently logging weekly homework assignments, upcoming tasks, and large projects is a great way to ensure you’ll never miss a deadline. For some awesome tips on how to make an agenda, check out our blog “How To Create a Planner That Works for You.”

2. Separating materials. Successful students will often use different notebooks or binders for each class. By keeping folders and class materials separate from one another, it becomes far less likely that an assignment will be misplaced or lost.

3. Staying organized. Cleaning out your backpack periodically is a good routine to get into. Make sure you aren’t carrying around materials that are no longer current or used. For example, a student in the semester system should consider cleaning out assignments and papers from fall semester when beginning spring. Check out our blog “Tutor Doctor’s Tips To Get Organized At School” to get started!

4. Packing up nightly. Successful students make sure they have everything ready to go the night before. By ensuring you have all your assignments and materials prepared in advance, you’ll never find yourself scrambling to get ready in the morning. It’s always better to pack up your things the night before when there’s no rush!

5. Taking good notes. Successful students take detailed notes, both during class and when studying. Many students find that following along in class with their teacher makes sense, but attempting assignments at home can be much more challenging on their own. Taking effective notes during class allows you to create a reference guide for yourself that you can look back on when studying or completing assignments. To help get the most out of note-taking, check out our blog “How To Take Effective Notes for Each Learning Style.”

6. Asking questions. Students that ask more questions in class tend to do better on their assignments and tests. Not only does the participation help your grade, but asking your teacher for clarification on a difficult concept will also help to clear up any confusion you might have. If something doesn’t make sense, do what successful students do – raise your hand!

7. Stocking supplies. There are certain supplies that you are guaranteed to need throughout the school year. A successful student will make a point to stock up on these items. Don’t want your calculator to go dead during a math test? Keep extra batteries in your backpack. Want to avoid a late night run to your local copy and print center? Stock up on ink cartridges at home. We recommend making a list of recurring items you’ll need, and then making sure you have enough to last the school year!

8. Getting a good night’s sleep. This might seem rather obvious, but the value of a good night’s rest cannot be understated. Studies show that students who get a proper night’s sleep are more focused and attentive during school hours, which in turn leads to better academic performance. Successful students will make sure to go to bed at a reasonable time – and with a good night’s sleep, you should have plenty of time to wake up early and enjoy a nutritional, healthy breakfast!