Frequently Asked Questions: School Closures

During this period of caution, many families will be faced with the task of dealing with school closures. Tutor Doctor has the answers to your questions and concerns.

My child’s school has been closed. How long will this last?

Currently, a definitive answer cannot be stated. We understand that this uncertainty is part of what makes this situation alarming, but it’s best to remain calm and prepare for an extended period of time. Whether or not schools reopen this year will depend on several factors, and will ultimately be decided by state and federal officials when deemed safe for public health. Many large school districts have already announced that students will not be returning this academic year. The best thing parents can do right now is to stay informed with local mandates and guidelines.

How will my child continue their education without attending school?

Most schools will be implementing online learning platforms during closures. Teachers are able to give instruction through online classrooms while still providing engaging activities. Although students will not be physically present in a classroom, they should treat online lectures and assignments the same as they would a regular school day. This includes adhering to deadlines, due dates, and attendance requirements.

How will this affect my child’s academic performance?

All students are different, and some will respond and adapt better to virtual learning platforms than others. In addition, students attending virtual classrooms will need to rely on executive function skills in order to be successful – this especially includes time management and task prioritization. Without the physical presence of a teacher in the classroom, students themselves will have to make an extra effort to remain focused on their assignments. For some students, this won’t be a problem. Other students may find it difficult to immerse themselves in online learning platforms. If your student is having trouble adapting to a online learning platform their school has implemented, Tutor Doctor can help. Our tutors are expert academic coaches, and online tutoring is an effective solution for students that are struggling with organizational skills.

What happens when students return to school?

The answer to this question will also depend on several factors – namely the length of time schools have been closed. Seeing as how it’s looking like closures may continue for the remainder of the school year, schools may be forced to condense their curriculum. Teachers will have to focus on the essentials that students will need in order to be successful at the next grade level. Pacing will also likely increase. Unfortunately, this also means students may miss out on rewarding extra-curricular activities and school projects. In addition, some students may struggle to keep up at this expedited rate. Regardless of what happens, we highly recommend working with a tutor to ensure your student makes the most out of the 2020 school year – even if the majority of their learning will be online. When schools do reopen, many students will need to play catch up. For students already facing academic challenges, this can be especially concerning. Working with an academic coach can help students to avoid falling behind.

What is this I’m hearing about “automatic passes” for students?

Some school authorities may decide to automatically pass students or reduce the requirements for moving on to the next grade level. There are pros and cons to a decision like this – on the downside, many students won’t have the educational basis needed for their grade level when starting next year. On the other hand – in the case of automatic passing, many students will be in a similar situation and teachers will be able to work together to build back the missing learning blocks next year. However, students graduating this spring may not receive the academic training they need during our current school year. If you have a student that is planning on transitioning to higher education next year, we highly recommend seeking out sources of additional instruction to ensure they have the academic foundation they need to succeed at the college level. Regardless of your student’s age, do your best to stay informed with local public announcements and updates regarding school attendance and health safety precautions.

As a global community of parents and educators, we will all get through this together!

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