Finding Learning Opportunities In Your Everyday: Resources

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Following up from our latest Learning@Home Webinar, Finding Learning Opportunities in Your Everyday, we've provided a list of resources parents can use below. 

K-12 Reader

Approximate ages: 5-18

Free worksheets covering reading, spelling, grammar, vocab, composition, and more for kindergarten to grade 12.


Approximate ages: 6-13

A free interactive online adventure game platform to practice math skills. Students may have a class account, but it is not required for play. Used by 50 million students, teachers and school boards.


Approximate ages: 6-adult

Access high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons on a wide variety of topics or create your own from any TED Talk or TED Ed resource.









Approximate ages: 6-18 (KS 1-5)

A collection of teacher penned and reviewed resources for Primary, maths, English, science, geography, history, and languages. Many resources are available free, but many more are unlocked with a subscription. Some subscription content is free until the end of April.



NOVA Education:

Approximate ages: 13- adult

NOVA is America’s most watched science series. Watch full episodes and video shorts, read science and education blogs and find educational resources (at NOVA Education) on a wide variety of science topics. 

LEGO Worksheet

LEGO is a fun math manipulative! Try solving these fraction questions using your favourite LEGO set or create questions of your own.

Get the worksheet here >>

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