The Benefits of Becoming a Tutor with Tutor Doctor

As a Tutor Doctor tutor, you can realize many benefits that come with answering the global need for private tutoring services, estimated to be $228 billion (USD) by 2022. And, you’ll join the many Tutor Doctor tutors already working with our 300+ local offices in 16 countries to help change the trajectory of student’s lives.

Let’s look at how impactful you can be, not only to others, but to yourself.

Make a difference in a student’s life. Tutor Doctor tutors help students overcome the educational challenges that can stall their progress, whether it’s getting into their “dream” college or just taking their proficiency up a notch… or two or three. You and your student will delight when “the light comes on,” the “aha” moment occurs, and you’re both feeling it.

“I like that fact that tutoring makes a difference! Not only in the student’s life but in the life of the family as well! It gives the student/family a break from the overall stress that homework can cause in the home when the parents are unable to help their own children. I like the fact that a student can ask questions they may not be able to ask while in school. It gives them a great feeling of worth! Making a difference counts!
J. Somlai, Tutor Doctor tutor

Advance your career development. For the tutor, tutoring is both a teaching and a learning experience. Not only will you educate others, you’ll reinforce what you already know through repetition, and build upon your foundation. University student tutors, especially, can expand their expertise as they teach. As legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

Do what you do best. Different than many tutors practicing independently, Tutor Doctor tutors are relieved of the prospecting, screening and administrative duties that can turn a one-hour session into a multi-hour endeavor. That’s handled by the local Tutor Doctor office, so that you can focus on what’s important… helping your student.

Cultivate your inner teacher. Whether you’re a career educator or someone who knows you’ve got something special to offer, your experiences can help others. Perhaps you wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but the world led you elsewhere. If you’re skilled and a great communicator, tutoring can scratch that long-ago itch, and share a passion that’s never quite left you. Our Tutor Doctor tutors – especially college graduates and retirees – enjoy engaging with students and families, and giving back to their communities.

“Tutor Doctor helps me use my skills and experiences as a new young teacher to further promote learning in young students. By connecting me to students in need I am able to build relationships, encourage confidence and support students as they develop the skills needed to be successful.”
L. Edie, Tutor Doctor tutor

Increase your income. Tutoring efficiently boosts your income by using legacy skills, with little re-training required. Even 5-10 hours a month – with little or no incremental expense like a wardrobe or equipment – can deliver spending money for a special night out or a well-earned vacation.

Call your own shots. By collaborating with your local office, you’ll set the hours you’re available to tutor. This is especially helpful if you’re working around family, job or travel commitments. The flexibility inherent with being a Tutor Doctor tutor impacts not only when you tutor, but how you tutor, since in-home and online options are available.

“The convenience of choosing your own hours to work really makes Tutor Doctor the ideal job for students and others with more inflexible schedules.”
I. Nicolas, Tutor Doctor tutor

As a Tutor Doctor tutor, you’ll help others, yourself and your community – and heck, maybe even mankind – as you benefit beyond the paycheck.