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Whose Expectations Matter Most?

This blog post provides a great summary of a chapter from our recently published book, Academic Success Formula: How Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Results. The chapter was written by Chris Lien, a Tutor Doctor franchisee out of San Diego.

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  • Why One-to-One Tutoring is More Beneficial than Group Test Prep Programs

    Success on college admissions exams requires preparation. Test-takers must be familiar both with content as well as with unique factors like timing, scoring, directions, and formats. To meet these rigorous demands, students often seek outside help. Instead of choosing a canned test prep class filled with other students, opt for a personalized, one-on-one tutoring experience. When weighing t

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  • Why You Shouldn't Give Your Math Skills a Break

    In many high schools around the world, students have their courses split into semesters. When students find themselves studying North American History in one grade and World Wars the following year, the months that fell in between don’t necessarily matter as much as they tend to with other subjects. For example, what you learn about electricity in this year’s science class may have no direct relation to the optics co

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  • Tips and Resources to Help You Successfully Transition to Homeschooling

    You’re not alone if transitioning your children to homeschooling is on your mind. The following considerations can help families successfully make this important change!

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  • Tutor Doctor's Top Tips For Writing a Great Essay

    Writing an essay can definitely be a challenging task, and many people have trouble figuring out where to start – commonly referred to as “writer’s block.” Being able to effectively compose a written response to a topic is a vital skill you will use throughout your educational journey, and many students will find themselves submitting heavily-weighted essays with their college applications. Here are some quick and ea

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