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Portrait Of an Extraordinary Student Artist

Cliffanie Forrester is an amazingly talented artist who has found great success at an astonishingly young age. Hers is an inspirational story for any youngster who dreams of achieving.

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  • Four Amazing Students From Across America

    Some students do well in school. Some students do really well in school. Then there are some, a special few, who accomplish feats that can only be called extraordinary. Let's take a look at four of these achievers!

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  • Toward a Better Understanding: Dyslexia

    Of all the learning exceptionalities, few are more misunderstood than dyslexia. While many young people facing this diagnosis are unusually bright, they face the stigma of others thinking they are less intelligent. Let's see if we can bust some myths about this disorder.

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  • Helping Kids Deal With Disasters

    Our screens are dominated by terrifying images of giant disasters. Those directly affected by these events have a hard road ahead, but for young people around the world these images can induce deep fear, insecurity, even anxiety. It's time to help our young people face up to those fears and learn how to live in a world that can sometimes feel frighteningly insecure.

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  • Making Healthy Choices For the New School Year

    School is a huge part of life for young people, but there's so much more to education than courses, teachers and assignments. It also involves countless choices that will affect not just academic performance but life itself.

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