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Posts from November, 2017

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  • Great Educational Apps for All Ages
    Great Educational Apps for All Ages

    At Tutor Doctor, we think technology is awesome! When it comes to “apps”, people often think of social media, entertainment, or email. Believe it or not, there are actually a ton of great educational apps that help make the learning process fun and ...

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  • Tips to Help Tackle Cyberbullying
    Tips to Help Tackle Cyberbullying

    “Trolls,” as they are known on social media, can be described as this generation’s new bullies. However, unlike traditional bullies, social media trolls often have the advantage of remaining completely anonymous – and as a result, have little risk of ...

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  • Balancing Sports and Academics
    Balancing Sports and Academics

    At Tutor Doctor, we love sports! School athletics are not only great for one’s health, but can also give students a serious advantage when applying for colleges. Being involved in student athletics looks great on any college application, and there are ...

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  • Should I Take the ACT or SAT®?
    Should I Take the ACT or SAT®?

    At Tutor Doctor, we know choosing between the ACT and the SAT® can be a difficult decision! When it comes down to it, students should take the test best suited to their needs. Here are three important questions that you may want to ask yourself before ...

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