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Four Great Summer Portfolio Projects

During summer vacation, your young person may act as though they're allergic to hard work, but we've come up with some great projects that will keep them occupied all the way to Labor Day. The best part is the final result, which will be a fantastic portfolio piece for their college applications (and job applications too)!

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  • All About the Fidget Spinner Craze

    All of a sudden, they're everywhere: little three-pronged doohickeys that spin. Kids love them! Where did they come from, and why are they controversial? Let's find out.

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  • Four Great Outdoor Hobbies for Young People

    Summertime activities can be fairly standard, but there's lots more to do than camp, sports or just plain loafing. This week we're offering up some examples of alternative activities that will provide intellectual as well as physical exercise, along with providing loads of fun!

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  • Great Resources for Homeschoolers (and Everyone Else)

    Homeschooling isn't easy, but there are lots of apps and websites available to lend a helping hand. Here's a list some that are especially great.

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  • There Are Extroverts, Introverts -- and Ambiverts

    It's an old question: are you an introvert or an extrovert? Most of us can answer it. But new research suggests that most of us are neither. Instead, chances are we're "ambiverts", which falls somewhere on the spectrum between introvert an extrovert.

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