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Supreme Court Rules on Students With Disabilities

In a previous blog post, we related an important case before the Supreme Court that would affect the crucial issue of how much effort schools should devote toward educating students with disabilities. Well, the court has issued its ruling, with ramifications likely to impact public schools nationwide.

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  • Homeschoolers Still Fighting for Acceptance

    Homeschooling has been showing steady growth, with increasing numbers of students receiving their education at home. Significant hurdles still remain, however, on the road to mainstream acceptance. Given time, those hurdles are almost certain to be overcome -- but it's going to take work to get there.

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  • A look at China's version of the ACT/SAT®

    Every year, students in the US write the ACT and/or SAT as part of their college applications. It's very stressful indeed. But if you can believe it, the university entrance exam is far, far more stressful. Just how stressful may blow your mind.

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  • More Tips For High School Introverts

    It's not easy being an introvert, but being an introvert in high school can be especially difficult. Luckily there are ways to get through it without having to become an extrovert!

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  • Tutor of the Year Award 2017!

    Tutor Doctor will soon begin accepting nominations for the 2017 Tutor of the Year! This prestigious award is given to a tutor who best epitomizes the values and ideals that Tutor Doctor stands for.

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