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Posts from June, 2017

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  • Challenges Facing Rural Schools
    Challenges Facing Rural Schools

    What are the common challenges of education in rural areas? Around half of America’s school boards are in rural areas, with so much of our country's future educated in rural areas it can be shocking that these areas are so under-served. Problems of ...

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  • Five Abandoned Teaching Methods
    Five Abandoned Teaching Methods

    There is always discussion and debate about new educational methods. For instance, nowadays there is a gradual move toward student-centered education. Of course there is also intense analysis about just what role digital technology should play in the ...

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  • A Look At Elon Musk's 'Secret' Private School
    A Look At Elon Musk's 'Secret' Private School

    Elon Musk is, without doubt, an extraordinary person. Born in South Africa, Musk made his fortune with PayPal, eventually selling out to form a veritable galaxy of companies and technologies. These include electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla, private ...

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  • Toward a Better Understanding of ADD/ADHD
    Toward a Better Understanding of ADD/ADHD

    In the United States, an estimated 11% of children have been diagnosed with ADHD -- that’s almost 6.5 million kids. The rate of diagnosis has increased steadily over the years and shows no sign of slowing down. But there are still a great many ...

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