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Challenges Facing Rural Schools

Problems of education in rural areas can often be overlooked. Take a look at common challenges with rural schools and solutions from Tutor Doctor.

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  • Five Abandoned Teaching Methods

    The profession of teaching can often seem resistant to change, but the truth is many teaching methods have come and gone, often to be forgotten. Let's look at five abandoned teaching methods. Some of them may shock you!

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  • A Look At Elon Musk's 'Secret' Private School

    Entrepreneur Elon Musk is well known for his spectacular business ventures like Space-X and Tesla Motors, but he's a born tinkerer. As a dad, he didn't like the way his sons were being taught so he did what he always does: tried to find a better way. The result is a small but revolutionary private school for his employees.

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  • Toward a Better Understanding of ADD/ADHD

    Millions of kids in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD. The rate of diagnosis has climbed steadily and shows no sign of slowing. But what exactly is ADHD, how does it work, and where does it come from? Let's take a look!

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