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Protecting students from fake facts

There's a lot of talk about "fake news" in contemporary news coverage. But false information of every kind is permeating our society, including on subjects like science and history. How can we protect our young people from misleading and false information?

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  • A valuable but often overlooked skill: analytics

    Many subjects are taught in high school, but some things get overlooked -- among them the vital understanding of analytics. This is the ability to process data and gain knowledge from the results, a powerful skill in a modern world swimming with vast amounts of data.

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  • 9 wild-sounding college courses

    One of the prime purposes of academia is to study and comprehend contemporary society, and this is reflected in some course offerings. Here are some course descriptions that may startle and amaze you.

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  • Helping quiet kids succeed in school

    It can be very hard to be a quiet student. Whether introverted or just plain shy -- and those are two different things -- speaking up in class can be frightening, even traumatic. Let's look at how to address this all-to-common struggle.

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