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Common Core: A view from Japan

Common Core is putting a ton of pressure on American educators to find new ways of upping test scores, and this has resulted in delegations visiting schools in Japan, a country which routinely ranks very high in math scores. Their methods are interesting, well-proven, and have an unexpected source.

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  • Bullying: A Historical Case

    We tend to think of bullying as a modern phenomenon, the result of the Internet and social media. But the sad truth is, bullying has always been a part of society. Just one case from the mid-19th Century shows how bullying has always been with us.

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  • How to ace a job interview

    When it comes to job interviews, everyone has advice to share. Here's one piece of advice you can take to the bank: boiling down the entire interview to a single, intense question. It will be tough, but if you can answer it well then your prospects will improve!

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  • Advice for de-stressing a teen

    Life as a teen can be difficult and stressful. If left on its own, stress can be enormously harmful, both physically and psychologically. The earlier in life young people learn how to cope with stress, the better off they'll be.

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