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Posts from October, 2016

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  • Common Core: A view from Japan
    Common Core: A view from Japan

    Ever since Common Core was introduced in the United States, school boards and administrators have been desperate to find new ways to raise the learning levels of their students, especially in math. Delegations have been sent around the world, particularly ...

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  • Bullying: A Historical Case
    Bullying: A Historical Case

    We tend to think of bullying as a modern phenomenon, a product of public schools and the Internet. Bullying, however, has deep roots that go back to the dawn of civilization. Tales abound in history and literature, even, arguably, the Bible (in Genesis ...

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  • How to ace a job interview
    How to ace a job interview

    Nowadays it’s rare to sit for an interview as part of a college admission. Only a handful of schools bother anymore, mostly because they just get too many applicants for it to be practical. Being interviewed, however, is still a part of life, because it’s ...

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