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Head injuries and high school sports

Talk is growing of the long-term risks of repeated head injuries, especially those taken by athletes. How does this affect high school sports? It is still too soon to say for sure, as a lot more research needs to be conducted -- but early results suggest there's little reason to worry.

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  • 5 Great video channels for the holidays

    When young people are out of school, they might be tempted to relax with the latest Internet-streamed movies or TV shows. But we found some fantastic content online that is not only entertaining, even inspiring, and educational to boot!

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  • 5 Great hobbies for the new year

    Having a hobby can be a very positive part of everyday life. It can enrich your days, reduce your stress and even help you apply for college. We've come up with five ideas to get you started.

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  • Getting a jump on 5 popular career choices

    It's always best to choose very carefully when picking a career while in high school. But for the truly decisive, here are some tips on getting an early start on their dream job.

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