Tips on Moving From Public to Private Schools

Tips on Moving From Public to Private Schools

If you have decided to move your children from a public school to a private one, the transition can be jarring. Aside from the emotional and social adjustments your child will have to make, you are likely to find that private school students are streaks ahead in academic development.

Studies show that the negative social impact of holding students back a year often outweighs the academic improvements they are likely to gain by repeating a grade. Instead of holding them back, consider delaying the move until they are up to speed. Before you enroll your children in a new school, it is imperative that you help them to improve their academic performance so that they are at the same level as their new classmates.

The most effective way to do this is through an in-home tutor. Find a tutor that is able to work with your child’s new teachers and school so that they understand exactly what your child needs to achieve in order to excel academically.

Personalized tutoring will mean that your child is able to fill in the missing building blocks in their knowledge and learn the requisite executive skills they need to be successful independent learners at their new school.

Make them part of the process. Explaining why a move is necessary and including them in the selection process will make it easier for them to accept their new school.

Attend orientation together and take them on a tour of their new school so that they know exactly where all their classes are. Show them to the cafeteria, to the bathroom and how to get from their lockers to their classes. Younger students may need more than one tour to get their bearings.

Be prepared. Ensure that your child has all the school supplies, uniform requirements and equipment they need before they start school. Knowing that they have everything they need will help to relieve their anxiety.

Encourage your student to sign up for extracurricular activities from the start. These help to foster new friendships and a sense of community and belonging.

Discuss their fears and all the things that they think can go wrong. Discussing ways to deal with potential problems will help your child to feel more confident.

Stick to your routine at home and set aside a little extra time to spend with your child. Having a predictable home life and a little added support will help them through their transition.

Get involved with the school. Volunteer and participate in school activities. Integrating with other parents and getting to know your child’s teachers is the best way to know what they need. Getting involved will mean you can provide the most comprehensive support structure for your students.

Moving schools is always a challenge, but you can ease their transition by being supportive and really listening to their fears and anxieties.

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