Top Apps to help you Study

Top Apps to help you Study

While some parents and teachers are still wary of incorporating technology into the classroom for fear that it will be a distraction, many are embracing handheld devices as a study tool to help their students to achieve more. Here are some great apps that will help your student to study more effectively and create study schedules that suit them best. Ask your in-home tutor to help you choose which ones are best for you.


This great app enables students to record lectures and lessons, write text notes, take pictures of presentation slides and record videos. You can now record scientific experiments or entire lectures to replay when you are studying. You can post these lectures, notes, videos etc. to social media sites like Facebook where they can be shared with classmates.


Organize your digital content and share links to documents, video, photos and other study aids with Clipix. Clipix will help to organize all the different media you have so that you can study effectively and find things which you have created quickly and easily. It also helps you share resources with other students. Your clipboards can be made private or public if you want to share them.


This handy app gives users access to 10 million sets of free flashcards that offer a large range of digital ways for students to study course materials. Flashcard games utilize a number of different study techniques so you can choose the one that best suits your learning style. There are flashcard games that make learning fun.


This app is designed to help students create workable study schedules which result in better organization and time management. Simply input your classes and your homework and the planner will organize your time in conjunction with extracurricular activities. It will alert you of upcoming deadlines and classes.

Study Checker

This app helps you keep track of how you spend your time online. This can be a useful tool for parents and teachers to track the time students spend on their homework and the time they spend browsing the internet. Keeping tabs on what you spend time on will help you to manage your time better.


No matter what device you’re using, you can collect your notes with Evernote. This is a great app for archiving and sorting your notes into an organized, easy-to-access collection. Evernote supports all different kinds of media and allows for note taking and recording of lessons too.

Ask your in-home tutor to work with you to select apps that help you to set up a viable study schedule and leave enough time for extracurricular activities. You can also ask your tutor to help with mapping your progress, time management and finding apps that record and organize your work in a way that you find easy to access and understand. You can tailor your notes to suit your learning style too.

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