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We often focus solely on the content of our student’s academic careers and sometimes forget about the form. While we must encourage students to study, especially with mid-terms coming up, we must also teach them how to study effectively. You may also find that study methods that worked for your students before need to be revised as the volume of work they have increases.

While your student may have the time to read through all the texts in the lower grades, as they progress, they need to be able to summarize and revise effectively. Talk to your student, to their teacher and to theirin-home and online tutor to find a revision method that suits their learning style. Here are some tips on how to revise effectively:

Q and A
Reading through notes over and over is not a very effective way for your students to remember information. It’s best to utilize the facts in different ways. Get your student to read through their notes, and then ask them questions that they might encounter in the exam. Moving from a written to a verbal form of communication helps them to use the knowledge they have gained in a new way.

Mind maps
Students who have a visual learning style will remember information when they have a visual representation of the facts. Here a mind map will help to show all the information and the relationships between different aspects. Students who are more visually orientated will also do well to take videos of lectures or experiments or watch videos on their subjects while studying.

Talking it over
Discussions are helpful in getting students to organize their thoughts, remember facts and show the relationships between different aspects of the subject they are studying. Having to explain functions to other people is often a very good way to memorize things for yourself. Discussion also helps students to coherently communicate their knowledge; a practice that will stand them in good stead when they have to write essays during exams.

Past Paper Practice
Taking a few practice runs at past test or exam papers will really help your student to revise. They can also see just how well they know the material and where the gaps in their knowledge are. Doing past papers helps them to remember the facts and get accustomed to the way in which questions are asked. Doing a multiple choice exam requires different skills from writing essays.

Exam performance is very often a matter of confidence and doing well on past papers will help students to feel assured that they have the skills and knowledge to do well. Nothing compensates for time and effort and you need to start your revision with plenty of time to spare. Help your student to create a realistic timetable and stick to it. Revision is a skill that can really help to boost your student’s performance. Work with your in-home and online tutor on revision skills to help your student to excel.

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