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Posts from December, 2011

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  • Tips on Choosing a School
    Tips on Choosing a School

    If you are moving in the New Year, you’ll want to find the perfect school for your kids before you settle on a neighbourhood to relocate to. There are a number of ways that you can go about investigating your schooling options. Start by visiting ...

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  • Super Kids: Volunteering over the Holidays
    Super Kids: Volunteering over the Holidays

    Volunteering is a great way to give your child perspective and teach them to be generous, caring individuals. Give your child a sense of community and social responsibility through volunteering. Volunteering helps to create well rounded individuals and ...

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  • Holiday Cooking Science Lab
    Holiday Cooking Science Lab

    Cooking with your kids teaches valuable skills such as the importance of nutrition and what vitamins and minerals they can find in the foods you prepare. Leaning to cook gives kids control of their nutrition and calorie intake while imparting skills that ...

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  • Private or Public?
    Private or Public?

    When choosing a school for your kids, making the right choice is essential for their future success. For most people, the choice revolves around their ability to afford a private school education. For some parents, the values or religion that a school ...

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  • The Top 6 Books for High School Students
    The Top 6 Books for High School Students

    Buy engaging books that your teenager will enjoy over the holidays. This list contains books that are primarily for enjoyment as well as those that have social and historical significance. 1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams From the ...

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