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Tutor Doctor Sugar Land South

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    Hi! My name is Nikhil Erabelli and I'm currently a senior at UT Austin. I've decided to become a tutor with Tutor Doctor because I am a firm believer in the idea that teaching is the best way to learn. I am looking to tutor kids of all ages from elementary to high school who need help particularly in courses related to math and science. Of course, I would be more than happy to tutor students in other subjects as well, but I am most comfortable with STEM-related topics as I am currently pursuing degrees in Biology and Computer Science.

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    I am an experienced educator with over 10 years of certified teaching. I've specialized in the math and science subjects, but additionally focus on the instruction of all core content skills. I have experience teaching 5-12 grade in a lead teacher capacity, but have tutored and mentored students from PK-12. I specialize in working with students with IEP's, and ELL accomadations, but also provide extension activities for GT, Honors, and AP students.

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    This superstar tutor performed outstandingly well on the SAT- scoring 1570 on his first and only attempt! He is currently a sophmore pursuing an undergraduate degree at Stanford University, majoring in physics, psychology, and biology. After studying abroad in Japan for one year, Mario fell in love with the Japanese language and culture, which lead him to pursue a minor in the Japanese language as well! His specialties include U.S. History, Japanese Language and Culture, English Language and Composition, Human Geography, all Maths, and Physics!

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    I'm Margaret Eisenbrandt, currently working on my Master's in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Houston. As a STEM student, I have lots of experience in basic and advanced math and science. As the oldest child, I have been tutoring for most of my life, whether formally or informally. I love helping others understand problems and find solutions. It's always thrilling when I see a look of excitement come across someone's face after working so hard to understand a concept. I also have experience in English, writing, and composition that I gained through my undergraduate work in the honors college at the University of Houston. The emphasis on literature and humanities gave me a well-rounded education that complemented my STEM intensive training. I look forward to helping your child reach their full potential!

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    Marla has been a teacher for over 20 years. She has a degree in social work and education from the University of Arizona. She believes that education is the key to success in this increasingly competitive world and that anyone can achieve their dreams through determination and hard work. She is passionate about providing academic support to students based on their individual needs, and would love to help you and your loved ones find academic success!