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  • Everything.

    Fay T.
  • We like our tutor, Wendy, very much.

    Katy T.
  • Neena!

    Virginia K.
  • Best tutor

    Bei C.
  • Robert is great!

    Judy M.
  • The flexibility of my daughters tutor. She was struggling on a chapter and he worked his schedule to get her in. Patrick has been a great help this year

    Dee Dee C.
  • The flexibility of payments and scheduling. Very impressed with Elena who turned my daughters grade a 180 degree!

    Leslie P.
  • Patrick is great!

    Karin F.
  • Jack is very excellent math tutor! It helps my son's math grade goes up much better than past years.

    April H.
  • Our daughter was matched with the perfect tutor for her. The tutor is reliable and extremely well qualified to teach the subjects.

    Joanne R.
  • Personalized matches, flexible and helpful tutors!

    Victoria M.
  • Knowledgable, friendly tutors

    Anny F.
  • Convenience, quality, and the results.

    Barbara P.
  • My daughter has had a very good experience with Wendy. She has helped my daughter tremendously and she is doing very well in her university class. Thank you so much

    Sophia K.
  • The tutor was excellent. She knew all the things my daughter needed to know and taught her how to solve each problem

    Jesse B.
  • JoAnne is a perfect match for my daughter's tutoring needs.

    Cindy G.
  • Prompt replies to questions, reliable tutors. Very happy.

    Victoria M.
  • We really like our tutor Taylor Keather. My daughter Jackie just loves her. She is very patient and works well with her. Jackie has improved so much. I would recommend tutor doctor to anyone.

    Naomi S.
  • So far, the tutor chosen has been such a perfect match for my son.

    Mikiko N.
  • Our tutors professionalism. ( Christian, San Diego)

    Elaine M.
  • Commitment to excellence. Tutor doctor does an in-depth analysis of the student needs before jumping into the material and tailors the tutoring to fill the gaps.

    Judy M.
  • Convenience

    Marina R.
  • The tutors are professional, flexible and very knowledgable.

    Tracey W.
  • Flexible, knowledgeable and friendly

    Christina L.
  • Good communication prior to matching tutor.

    Lisa N.
  • Although it took longer to find a good tutor match for my daughter than originally anticipated, the tutor that was found eventually has been a good match.

    Annie G.
  • Very dedicated tutor!

    Tiffany & Chris L.
  • The tutor is approachable, flexible, fun and has created a great rapport with our son. He is sad when the session is over. He is making academic progress!

    Andrea E.
  • The tutors are a great match for teaching our girls. They are both very energetic and flexible. We would highly recommend Tutor Doctor.

    Mary B.
  • Professional, able to connect with my child and knowledgable.

    Tawnya A.
  • The flexibility to work around our schedule. Hong Ho is a wonderful and patient teacher, and I highly recommend her. I look forward to seeing Ari's progress.

    Steven F.
  • Communication

    Marina K.
  • I got a tutor within 1-2 days after contacting tutor doctor. They are very nice, and made this a pleasant experience.

    Monique R.
  • Tutors have been very knowledgable as well as inspiring.

    Steve & Linda P.
  • The customized attention.

    Kelly F.
  • Our tutor, Alex, is very professional. Always punctual and courteous. His skills as an educator are exceptional. Technical expertise, superb communication skills and a passion for teaching combine for extraordinary effectiveness. Alex established a great rapport with my daughter and created an enjoyable learning experience. Grades and motivation have improved as a result.

    Robert F.
  • The convinience and availability, also the quality of the service and the results

    German & Diana G.
  • I loved the bonding that my daughter had with the tutor. and the growth I saw in her.

    Irma B.
  • The tutor has been great & getting set up was not difficult to do.

    Nicole A.
  • That the tutor comes to us!

    Michelle S.
  • Friendly and deliver

    Marcela P.
  • Choice of tutors

    Nina S.
  • Great caring teacher and staff

    Philip A.
  • Thought our tutor was excellent.

    Terri N.
  • Tutor are excellent in the subject and patient

    Kame Y.
  • Saving time by screening tutors. I like the summaries after the sessions, too.

    Richard A.
  • In home tutoring and quality of tutors

    Adele M.
  • They are great and been very helpful.

    Liliana S.
  • - The initial consultation was very thorough and helpful in our search for a tutoring solution. - Your immediate response for finding a matching tutor for our child was extremely helpful. - We've already seen confidence restored in our child and ar

    Leslie H.
  • Korryn is very pleased with the help she has been receiving

    Penne B.
  • Consistent committment to our son's needs.

    Kathryn & Paul W.
  • The service provided met my academic needs.

    Arthur P.
  • n/a

    Dietmar & Luigina S.
  • You are very approachable and people friendly. You go the extra mile for your clients.

    Rae Anne & Scott K.
  • Tutors are very flexible and put a lot of effort into the session

    Dory G.
  • Cheryl is awesome. Has helped my son accomplish and learn a great deal.

    Cydney G.
  • Professional, competent, and flexible!

    Theresa & Mark S.
  • Prompt, and very productive

    Ligaya & Daniel M.
  • Very personalized and our tutor Debra Gooden is absolutely amazing; our kids want her to home school them!

    Tamara & David K.
  • I like that the tutors come to my house and are prompt and prepared with additional work if my kids are light on math homework that night. I also like the flexibility of switching tutors if necessary. Maia Clewley

    Maia & Kevin C.
  • Our daughter's tutor is a perfect match for her needs and skill development. We could not be happier with the progress our daughter is making and her increased level of confidence in her work!

    Becky & Lance R.
  • It was a good experience, my daughter learned a lot

    Sonya P.
  • hours that are convenient for us; tutors come to the house; knowledgeable tutors

    Marisa & Romeo A.
  • Kevin was on time, so patient, and could introduce a concept in a couple of different ways until my son understood the material.

    Britt & Stuart R.
  • Very easy and flexible.

    Greg & Katherine L.
  • The tutors we have been matched with are great

    Diane S.
  • Assigned Tutor was of a high caliber.

    Joanne & Larry C.
  • They are very helpful thank you

    Mona A.
  • Glenda, our tutor! She is fabulous. I also like how responsive you were to my initial call, that you came to our house to meet us and find out what we were looking for. I have already recommended Tutor Doctor several times!

    Lisa & Jim K.
  • We love that we were personally matched with the best possible tutor for our son. We love Peggy!

    Nancy & Gregory B.
  • The professionalism, quality of the tutor and follow up

    Eric N.
  • Tutor is very professional and we have seen great results in our daughter. I also enjoy the flexibility in scheduling as our lives are very busy.

    Jonathan & Jennifer C.
  • The tutor you selected for us is working out very well with our daughter. Professional and at the same time, very personable attitudes shown by the directing staff is well appreciated.

    Yoomi G.
  • Very detail oriented and prompt. Excellent tutors.

    Mary & Frank B.
  • My son's new tutor is absolutely amazing. He is leaps and bounds better than his first tutor. I would recommend tutor doctor just to be able to get you hands on Vist Patel.

    Shelby S.
  • I like how well our daughter was specifically matched to a tutor that fits her learning style.

    Diana & Alan L.
  • Ms. Sally is very good with the kids. She is very patient and efficient with her her teaching skills. Overall I believe the services that Tudor doctor offer are a good value compared to their competitors.

    Justlinas & Trevor K.
  • tutors are very qualified and use the time wisely. No wasted time being paid for. Excellent service!

    Kathi & Luis V.
  • The tutor is always on time and is makes physics understandable.

    Tricia V.
  • quick response

    Corinne B.
  • Prompt attention

    Linda & Michael D.
  • This is a great service. My son loves his tutor. He always awaits her arrival. He has learned so much in the sessions he has had. She makes learning entertaining for him.

    Luz M.
  • The fantastic tutor we have.

    Charmaine & Andrew W.
  • Extremely reliable, consistent, and knowledgeable tutors.

    Randee & Dan K.
  • To date, we like the quality of the tutor as both a tutor and as a fine person. We like that the tutor comes to our home. To date, the tutors have been wonderful in accommodating schedules, special requests, etc. although we do try not to make a habit of those. The tutors have all been prompt, efficient, responsive, responsible, and excellent teachers.

    Rhonda H.
  • I like the qualified tutors matched up with our need. Also the fact that you guys do the background/reference checks. Two tutors we worked with were very professional and competent.

    Mark & Sunghae Joo K.
  • The flexibility, one on one attention to my daughter, and the personalized curriculum that she is receiving! Thank you !

    Erin E.
  • I like that the company sends a qualified, professional to our home for the tutoring session! My daughter told me that her tutor made math seem fun:) Yeah!

    Anna & Bill D.
  • Quality of tutor is excellent, very professional from start to finish. Have already recommended tutor doctor to my friends. Very happy with services.

    Diana & John R.
  • Chris and Tiffany are very professional. With very short notice they were able to get me two top notch tutors. My kiddo benefited tremendously from the tutors.

    Wendy S.
  • The tutor who is teaching my child is very knowledgeable. He is very good at explaining complex topics in a simple and understandable manner. He has help my child grow and learn very much in chemistry. I am very glad that my child had the opportunity to learn from him.

    Gina G. & Shiang H.
  • They come to your home. Each lesson is built around your child specifically.

    Beth & Eric A.
  • Tutor fingerprinted and tutor know his subject well

    Mila M.
  • professional, useful, punctual

    Grant & Janice F.
  • Tutor's promptness and true care

    Alma H.
  • They were quick to respond to our son's needs. They also matched him up to a tutor that best fits his needs

    Brad & Beth T.
  • Commitment to finding a good match for the student

    Don E.
  • The tutor is very well matched and able to work with students who have special needs.

    Kevin K.
  • You take the time to listen to the customers' needs and find the best fit possible.

    Ann M.
  • My daughter is getting better grades, I think it's working for us

    Rana D.
  • Tutors have been flexible in scheduling; prompt, reliable; Tara has gone out of her way to become familiar with my daughter's IB curriculum for writing a particular style of essay; we are very satisfied with our tutors.

    Peggy C.
  • In home tutoring and staff

    Vanessa W.
  • I like how quickly we were matched up. I also like getting the feedback notes on what was covered during each session. I especially like how qualified our tutor is.

    Anne R.
  • I like that our tutor, Lance, was always prompt. He had obviously given consideration to my daughter's needs throughout the session. I believe he had even worked outside the time allotment for the purposes of achieving a positive and effective tutor/student experience. My daughter was able to complete the workbooks not completed in regular public school, and so I trust that she will be more ...

    Laura B.
    Continue Reading
  • the tutor is very knowledgeable of the subject, and very patient with my daughters.

    Samuel F.
  • We like our tutor Lamar. He is great with our son

    Helen K.
  • Responsive, professional

    Sheila C.
  • we really like our tutor, Bianca. She is warm, encouraging and patience. She goes an extra mile to work with our son when homework is done. Our son has made great progress on math! Thank you Bianca!

    Chenyang R.
  • Our tutor Kevin was a perfect match for us.

    Ileana K.
  • Our tutor Wendy has helped my boys understand their subjects and improve their grades

    Nicole B.
  • I know we (Saiers) have hours left. We just haven't needed tutoring yet this school year. Heather

    Heather S.
  • The tutors Your up to date emails with hours left on contract & written note from tutor

    Lotta S.
  • We really appreciate Kevin's help through out the semester. He was able to help Zachary focus on the subject and raise his grade. We would definitely recommend him for teaching biology.

    Juliette B.
  • Customizing tutors to child's personality and needs. Frequent followups.

    Jennifer E.
  • We like: the one on one tutoring the tutor comes home the payment plan.

    Nandita & Sandeep K.
  • The convenience of the tutor coming to my home.

    Ruth P.
  • You responded to our request quickly

    Jodi & David G.
  • I like the communication, we like our tutor and while we know you are in business to make money, we sincerely feel that you care about my student.

    Ann B.
  • You have been very professional. Prompt and courteous.

    Judy & John M.
  • Reporting, tutor, scheduling at home, 24/7 web access

    Saidah G.
  • Very convenient and friendly. I am glad the time was taken to try to match my kid with a tutor that fits. Additionally, the reports throughout the process made me feel very comfortable through the process

    Eric J.
  • in-home tutoring, well-qualified tutors, fairly easy to schedule the tutors

    Eve & Tom G.
  • I so wish we had called sooner! Our daughters tutor was so helpful in building her confidence. She was able to relate to the material being taught and really was able to help her.

    Amanda & Alan D.
  • Tutor relates well to student. She comes to us. Knows the subjects and teaches effectively.

    Mike B.
  • The sheer breadth of information that our daughter's tutor (HAFID) displays every visit is astounding. I can only speak as to the tutor we have, but if HAFID is any indication of the level of tutors at Tutor Doctor, then every parent should be calling this company. Hafid is truly a blessing. Michael and Laura Byrnes

    Laura & Michael B.
  • We appreciate your efforts but we could not afford tutoring anymore. We will just have to do it on our own and work with what we have.

    Hoai D.
  • Friendly, caring staff. Flexible hours. I appreciate the tutor's report after each session. Request for feedback shows how much they care and thrive for the best service. My child and I are very satisfied with Tutor Doctor.

    Donna C.
  • Professional yet caring and friendly. The tutors are great too!

    Stacy & Matt M.
  • Helpful and genuine tutors. Functional and positive management! Great!

    Maryam N.
  • Staff is professional. The tutor provided an individualized learning plan that was appropriate, interesting and agreeable with the student.

    Susan S.
  • When we got the right fit the tutors were prompt and very well prepared.

    James & Amy G.
  • quality of tutor knowledge

    Marie H.
  • Able to work with hours available for kids and patience of tutors.

    Missy & Phillip C.
  • everything was set up in a timely mannor

    Suzan & Paul M.
  • that you come to our house and the quality of the tutor

    Angie & Scott O.
  • Certified teachers and education specialists are available when requested.

    Veronica & Vince B.
  • You are very accommodating and not overpowering like some of the other places I contacted.

    Anita & Chris G.
  • Matching tutor to the student need

    Aeshah A.
  • My sons have been matched with excellent tutors and are enjoying the experience

    Saundra T.
  • So far the tutors have been challenging and have set goals for our daughter. They have provided needed feedback and we look forward to seeing her progress.

    Tom & Julie D.
  • That you worked wiith me to find the right tutor for my son, it makes all the difference and I am extremely happy with Julie as we see real result in my son. I am very pleased with tutor doctor and will highly recommend it.

    Ciria M.
  • Flexibility, convenience and timely progress report. Anna is an excellent tutor!

    Frederick S., San Marcos, CA
  • Hunter was great, very knowledgeable , friendly and always on time. My daughter enjoyed working with him.Tutor doctor has an amazing and helpful staff. Their charges are very reasonable.

    Ayla, Rancho Santa Fe
  • We had amazing results with The Tutor Doctor for ACT prep . Tiffany worked with us to find a perfect tutor match for my daughter who ended up with with a perfect score of a 36 (from a 25 baseline) on the English Section of her ACT. Their tutors are knowledgeable, reliable, and work around the kids' schedules. I highly recommend them. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

    Michelle G., San Diego