Meet the Owner

Kimberly Selchan


Kimberly identifies with many of Tutor Doctor’s families. She is a single mother of two teenagers, running a local business. She understands the challenges of managing a career, shuttling kids to and from sports and activities, planning family meals together, doing homework- all while trying to  raise well-rounded kids with strong character and positive self-identity.

Having come from nearly 20 years in Corporate leadership roles, hiring and developing teams, she saw the opportunity to start branches of Tutor Doctor in Arizona as a way to make a personalized and lasting impact during the formidable years in our children’s lives, and taking some of the stress, burden and guilt off of parents’ shoulders.

There are 3 major areas she sees our children lacking, and seeks to improve these through one-to-one mentorship and academic support:

  • Inability to set and achieve goals. This leads to lack of motivation or belief in their own significance or autonomy.
  • Lacking self-advocacy. When they need help, or believe an error was made in their grades, they don’t speak up for themselves and ask questions.
  • Executive Functioning. Time Management and Organization are severely lacking. Schools hand out planners and post assignments online, but without showing kids how to use these tools – and holding them accountable to it – they do not develop the skills they need to be successful in college or the workplace.

If we help our students become just 1% better each meeting, we can create momentum, improve confidence, and spark joy for their futures!

Kimberly’s mission is clear, not easy: Help today’s students become tomorrow’s successful adults.