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  • Prompt, provide appropriate tutors

    Luci & Farley Y.
  • Nicolle was awesome!

    Janene A.
  • The convenience of at home tutoring.

    Stacy & Bill K.
  • We love our tutor _x000D_ Emily

    Cindy S.
  • When the first tutor was not a good fit and we switched and .. this young man is v er y smart.... we have Jacob Trahan and he is amazing young man is a great tutoryou all.... need to really give him extra kudos

    Annamarie & Anabel N.
  • I like the fact that tutor doctor was able to match_x000D_ Up my son with a tutor that had similar interest_x000D_ And has become a mentor for my son

    Myra & Paul D.
  • We love our tutor. It's great that she comes to the house.

    Julie R.
  • Flexible

    Adriana P.
  • Kevin does an excellent job with my daughter. Her teat scores prove it.

    Tim P.
  • Professional, helpful, great service

    Julia & Lee R.
  • I think the personal attention my son received was excellent.

    Claudia J.
  • First and most importantly, having you tutors available to help my son in the courses he's having difficulty with has been an absolute blessing. He has been a resource student since the beginning. High school has been quite a challenge, but a regular high school was his biggest desire. You see, my sons challenges are with his temporary memory access and his processing abilities, so understanding ...

    Joe & Kim K.
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  • The time spent with child and the tutor that are sent to work with children are educated.

    Yvonne J.
  • Very easy to use

    Michelle & Dan R.
  • Tutor is very comited to helping our children

    Fernando R.
  • You choose a perfect tutor for our son. _x000D_ Your prompt and friendly service.

    Nick & Nancy G.
  • You worked well with your clients, namely me. Wanted to be sure to match up the teacher with the student for optimal progress.

    Lynelle R.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our house. I like the way our tutor teaches my boys and helps them succeed in school

    Marcy P.
  • I feel that the staff are efficient and effective both administratively and as subject matter experts.

    David & Jennifer B.
  • convenience, awesome tutors!

    Sam & Stephanie J.
  • The Tutor assigned to my child is very approachable and professional, plus he interacts very well with my child.

    Akua J.
  • Both Bill and Micheal have been extremely helpful and understanding. I look forward to Rebekah being able to work with Micheal.

    April A.
  • The tutor that was assigned to my son, is an amazing and very hands on tutor. She keeps up on him and ask many questions RE homework and what he feels he needs assistance with. it has truly shown progress in his home work and test studies. He has even increased a whole grade level.

    Denise T.
  • We love our tutor, she has done a great job with our son and they get along well. He always looks forward to seeing her.

    Perry & Diane C.
  • The tutors defined the experience for us.

    Charissa & Michael B.
  • We are just starting with your service so I feel it is a little early to make and comments at this point.

    Aaron I.
  • Convenience.

    Sherrie & Anselmo G.
  • My son really enjoys his tutor. My only wish is that it would cost less.

    Lorelei A.
  • Flexibility to help more than one student.

    Brent & Molly L.
  • We really like the tutor and how she comes prepared and is very knowledgeable about the subjects we are working on.

    Joe & Terri B.
  • we like your tutor and they come to your house

    Brian & Stacy L.
  • Prompt,courteous and looks for the right type tutor for the student.

    Andrew & Connie M.
  • We are very happy with Monika. The follow up and feedback have been great.

    Danielle & Nick G.
  • I was happy you came out quickly and very happy with the tutor.

    Laurie & Jesse H.
  • The Tutors are knowledgeable and very well qualified. They go above and beyond what is required

    Ray & Laura T.
  • I love the patience and calm persona of our tutor. Ryan is very active and Catherine is gentle but firm. He has come a long way in the short time that we have been with the her. Tutor Doctors are sending weekly reports from Catherine to me to let me know how she feels Ryan is doing or if he is still struggling in areas. Sometimes it is just about how he had a tough session. They helped him prep ...

    Alisha V.
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  • The flexibility of the tutor to accommodate our family time.

    Jessica & Albert A.
  • Tutor is very educated and deals with students needs. I especially love the techniques my granddaughter's tutor uses to get her to learn.

    Lois W.
  • They will work with you financially to help you provide your child the extra support they need. I love my daughter's tutor because she understands my daughter and doesn't allow her to give up.

    Melissa J.
  • Our tutor, Ms. Lucas, has Austin very engaged in math now, something that he struggled so constantly with before, and we are very grateful. She is always on time, is prepared, and keeps him on task.

    Diane F.
  • Flexible, professional, knowledgeable, adapts quickly to my daughter's learning style, gets right down to business, explains concepts easily, engaging, enthusiastic, caring, encouraging and likes what she does. Jen is amazing!!!!!

    Peggy & Scott F.
  • I love that the tutor works with my son in our home. When our first tutor wasn't working out, a new one was found for us right away who better met our needs. Our tutor has been an absolute life saver for our family and our son has really made progress at school.

    Kelly & Mark M.
  • The tutor is amazing. Aaron works wonderful with Gabriela. She has improved Gabriela'a confidence a 100% and has given her a way to handle her school work that works for her.

    Kerri & Gabriel L.
  • I like that the tutoring is 1:1 at my home. I love that tutors are picked specifically for individuals needs.

    Melissa T.
  • Friendly caring tutor. Did a great job assisting my child in areas of need.I would recommend her to anyone in the future.

    Jessica B.
  • Highly qualified teachers, very accommodating around your student's schedule and extremely personable. I'd highly recommend Tutor Doctor.

    Lu B.
  • Was able to find a tutor in a short amount of time. The first tutor that was assigned did not work out but I was matched up with a second tutor quickly and she has been great.

    Quesandra S.