About Tutor Doctor Hawaii

Experienced in-home and online tutoring Services

With a history spanning almost two decades, Tutor Doctor has helped more than 200,000 families from all over the world master various topics and subjects in the way they learn best. Tutor Doctor offers one-to-one tutoring in Hawaii to young students, undergraduates, professionals who need to pass a required exam for work or vocational program admission, adults returning to college, and many others.

At Tutor Doctor Hawaii, we can help anyone achieve their academic goals. Our team of private in-home and online tutors in Hawaii work with each student’s learning style to provide effective student-focused tutoring sessions. We have experience working with students of all ages and helping them grasp complex subject matter.

As a trusted global franchise company, we have spent years building a solid reputation and relationships with our valued customers and clients. Our private tutors in Hawaii do more than just help you or your student get a good grade; we center our tutoring services on your learning needs to set you up for educational success. Any feedback from clients is heard and considered. Customer satisfaction is at the core of the Tutor Doctor philosophy. We value academic achievement and a strong work ethic. This is reflected in our one-to-one in-home and online tutoring and in all the services we offer.