Private Tutoring in Gilbert

In-Home & Virtual Tutoring to Fit Your Schedule

For many reasons like large classroom sizes, neurodivergent learners and simply being busy as a parent with little time to support our kids after school, private tutoring may be an excellent solution for students to get personal attention, at their pace. We have close to 100 tutors with specialties from elementary to college levels, who provide extra assistance with organization or specific subjects outside of regular class hours. Whether you’re navigating elementary concepts or tackling college-level challenges, our diverse team at Tutor Doctor Gilbert-Gilbert stands ready to offer personalized tutoring sessions, either in the comfort of your home or virtually. We employ mostly local tutors in the Gilbert and Mesa communities, to accommodate our clients’ schedules and student success.

The Benefits of Private Tutoring from Tutor Doctor

With our private tutoring service, students will receive the one-on-one attention they may be lacking in a traditional classroom setting. Parents receive a liaison to bridge communication with the school and navigate their child’s online school portals. Individual customized attention is among the many advantages our Gilbert and Mesa private tutoring can provide.

Some other benefits of our private tutoring methods include:

  • Encourages questioning: In one-on-one tutoring sessions, both virtual and in-person, students can feel comfortable asking questions in a safe environment to increase confidence and expedite progress.
  • Minimizes distractions: Your Gilbert area tutor creates a distraction-free environment, ensuring focused learning.
  • Sparks excitement: Tutors aim to make learning enjoyable and engaging, enhancing the student’s enthusiasm for learning and celebrating their progress.
  • Saves time and effort: Our tutors are efficient and well-prepared, maximizing the value of each session. And with our large team and experience hosting digital learning sessions, we have numerous options to make the best selection for your student.
  • Helping the whole child: Through tailored programs like X-Skills (“X” for Executive Functioning Skills), and cognitive assessments, we seek to understand how our students learn to leverage their strengths and fill in gaps for lifelong achievement.

When we custom-select a tutor for your student, we consider multiple factors – not just the subject area needed.

Schedule your complimentary consultation for in-home and online tutoring or test preparation in Gilbert or Mesa contact us online today!

Test Preparation & Various Subject Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor Gilbert-Gilbert, we will begin with a detailed discussion with the parent and student, to hear directly from them about their goals, intended major or ideal universities, and what they are looking for from tutoring. In conjunction with personalized tutoring, we use a comprehensive digital testing course with built-in lessons and practice exams to track progress.

Our individualized support has helped many Gilbert and Mesa students significantly increase their scores on big tests like the SAT, ACT, and AP to apply to colleges and universities with confidence.  These tests are optional at many universities, so submitting a top score is necessary to secure scholarships and stand out among peers.

Tutor Doctor Gilbert-Gilbert has helped over 1,000 students of all ages and backgrounds since 2019. We do more than just help students pass tests; we teach students how to learn, plan, and study to produce long-lasting results.