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  • Professionalism.

    Kim H.
  • the one-on-one interaction, the flexibility of handling your schedule.

    Jordan P.
  • You ensure you have the right fit with the student and are dependable. Tunwa has been excellent.

    Barbara S.
  • Amanda Visaya is such a perfect match for Rachel - quiet but extremely confident in her knowledge of the grade 11 physics and math subjects. Any question that Rachel asks is immediately answered by Amanda. Their personalities are such a great fit and Rachel is finally gaining confidence in applying the information to problem questions. Blair was great in finding a replacement for Rachel; the ...

    Irene C.
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  • Home service You interview and find a qualified tutor

    Doug F.
  • So far we have been receiving a very personalized service, the tutors have a high quality and my son is enjoying and showing great progress already! Very happy!

    Atila M.
  • Attention, quality resources, flexibility and punctuality.

    Liliana U.
  • Punctuality and dedication to helping the needs of the student. Putting priorities first before addressing new concerns.

    Christina L.
  • Tutors are very knowledgeable in all topics that's needed for my child.

    Resurreccion J.
  • Prompt and relabel

    Sharon T.
  • It's at my home

    Kirsten L.
  • organized.

    Louise W.
  • The tutor really helped my daughter understand math concepts she normally struggles with.

    Heather M.
  • good people

    Nora R.
  • I like that the company is very approachable, reliable and make the children want to learn:) so far so good=âµ8

    Chiara P.
  • Tutor Doctor is definitely meeting my child's tutoring needs very well. I am very happy with the expertise and professionalism of our tutor.

    Helen P.
  • Our initial intake meeting was great with all the right questions asked - goals, current status, realistic outcome, etc. My son was matched with a tutor with whom he has clicked right away which meant they could get right down to work without personality issues or needing to get used to each other. We have had this problem in the past with other tutor agencies, and it causes serious delays. and I ...

    Heidi C.
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  • Always available and on time and patient

    Angie A.
  • Tutor that was sent to us was great. Already recommended Tutor Doctor to a friend of mine

    Sanja M.
  • Needs assessment, matching child's style with a very good tutor

    Roza S.
  • Profesionalism, accurancy, culture, efficiency...

    Vesna B.
  • Our tutor is great!

    Rebecca S.
  • Very professional, understand the needs of the kids and match with the right tutor.

    Yoenmy P.
  • Great tutors! Great , fast and convenient service.

    Christa H.
  • I like my tutor, Doris Cheng, due to the enthusiasm, kindness and patience she has while I face some difficulties in math, really inspiring person :)

    Cesar C.
  • Bryan is a great tutor!

    Andy H.
  • individual tailoring t needs of student. Flexible tutor's to accommodate busy high school student's life.

    Mitch S.
  • Very organized. Good value for the money. Very professional

    Susan B.
  • What I like about the service tutor doctor provided me with was an excellent tutor who took time to understand what questions I had difficulty with and constantly went over with me accounting material I needed to understand through repetition. Overall, the supportive attitude of my tutor helped me remain calm while studying for my exam and provided a superior learning experience like no other.

    Stephanie T.
  • I liked how Blair came to the house to do a detailed assessment of each child. The tutor Bryan really seems to care about the kids and they never complain about his tutoring.

    Susan S.
  • Based ont experience for very limited time I was so impressed with the services you provided on a very short time. Further more miss kaylee did a good job with my daughter although the tutoring was only for six hours , the results were amazing and my daughter ended up with a better understanding of math.

    Kelly K.
  • Always ready to teach and on time

    Pam & Vern L.
  • In home

    Allison M.
  • we have had great experience using Tutor Doctor service for the past two years.

    Nicola B.
  • Just about everything !!!!!

    Steven W.
  • Kind, caring and professional tutors.

    Jean-Marc M.
  • Very quick to assign suitable tutour with student. Accommodating to families needs.

    Patricia D.
  • Tutors are tailored to individual because of initial consultation. Tutors are friendly, punctual, knowledgable, and flexible.

    Beth H.
  • It is nice to have someone come to your home. It makes life easier.

    Jennifer T.
  • knowledgeable Tutors Work well with Kids

    Jim N.
  • Blair had been so accommodating and helpful in finding us good matches.

    Maureen G.
  • flexible, reliable, nice tutors

    Tara M.
  • Well organized and very capable tutors

    Evy S.
  • The assessment was very informative, helpful and professional while still being personalized and approachable. The tutor chosen for my son is excellent. He has all the qualities one would hope for. He goes above and beyond each week and we are lucky to have him assigned to us.

    Stacia C.
  • Positive on every front!

    Heather K.
  • Friendly, intelligent, and flexible.

    Tricia F.
  • I think the attention to finding the right tutor for my child was amazing. I like getting the regular reports with a recap and comments from the tutor.

    Cathy E.
  • I like the convenience of the tutor coming to the home. Our tutor is enthusiastic, patient and always ready with new ideas to make learning fun.

    Amanda D.
  • I like the thoroughness of the interviewing to match the student with a tutor. Our daughter really likes her tutor. I love the reports!

    Marnie L.
  • Organized, professional, committed to ensuring student does well.

    Mary G.
  • Great tutor, very easy to communicate with. Very flexible. Very happy so far. We've just had 3 lessons, and so far, so good:)

    Melanie S.
  • Melanie, our tutor!

    Shirley & Scott O.
  • That you did a very good job of matching my needs with the right person.

    Claire M.
  • our tutor was terrific very convenient to have a tutor come to our home the initial consultation was very professional and informative well run business

    Susan & Ron C.
  • Quality of tutor; flexibility of scheduling; quick respose.

    Ayesha & Shiraz B.
  • You found an ideal fit for our daughter. She went from thinking she was not good at math, to realizing that her teacher's style was hard for her to grasp.

    Suzanne W.
  • Firstly, the math & science tutor(s) have been amazing to work with and the efforts made to match my son with a good tutor has been great (even though the French tutors weren't compatible ...:that was no reflection on the efforts made by Tim).

    Linda S.
  • We have received an excellent, prompt, professional and very friendly service. My daughter loves her tutor and her knowledge and confidence is improving with every session she takes. Thanks.

    Krisztina & Carmine G.
  • Reliable and excellent tutor

    Cindy C.
  • Our tutor has been fantastic. We are able to change our schedule with the tutor when a conflict arises. The pricing is great.

    Jennifer D.
  • The tutor is very knowledgeable and personable

    Maria K.
  • I like your quick response efficiency at finding a very good tutor for our daughters.

    Nichola & Chris D.
  • Great tutors who are prompt and get to the heart of the matter.

    Tracey & Gabriel M.
  • Tailored to the child. Like the feedback opportunity

    Adrienne & Bill V.
  • Responsive, effective, friendly

    Elizabeth & Graydon C.
  • My son has become enthusiastic about the work and be believes it has been effective.

    Theresa & Rick S.
  • I have used the tutor services in 2 different regions, and have found both to be very responsive and helpful in finding the right resources for both my children. I have used the services for 4 years in total, and my children have been satisfied and improved their overall subject marks.

    Gail A.
  • home visits competency of the tutor schedule Flexibility, initial free assessment flexible payment methods website available

    Nayibets B.
  • The evaluation process and the tutor.

    Alexandra D.
  • Great match Owner is knowledgeable about learning needs based on his teaching experience. Very responsive. Great tutor match. (grace rates Minh as a 9/10 and her parents give her a 10)

    Sherry W.
  • The tutor is prompt and on time and she knows the needs of the child.. I have used Tutor Doctors for 3 years and have been very happy with my daughters results... Toni

    Toni S.
  • The pairing up with tutors is excellent, the director is friendly and is quite hardworking on satisfying the needs of the students.

    Tariq & Hanan S.
  • Very quick service and understand what we need.

    Satoko & Don B.
  • Personalized and focused

    Mari C.
  • I like that it is a business versus a single person so there is a large pool of tutors. Tim was able to find us someone that suits us well but also good to know if there are any issues that we can go back to him for adjustments. Also like receiving the status reports.

    Adrienne & Bill T.
  • The tutor Tim referred us to is exactly the right guy for teaching math and physics to my teenagers.

    Annette & Francois H.
  • Kendra was prompt, professional, and listened to my specific needs. Once we established exactly what I was looking to accomplish, we worked together to lay out a game plan to achieve the objectives. She demonstrated patience and took the time to explain each concept thoroughly. She will make a fantastic teacher one day!

    Michael C.
  • Tim took the time to get to know my child and then matched him up with someone who had a compatible style. This ensured he was interested and engaged in the sessions

    Karen & Dana E.
  • very reliable, coming home and avortable

    Anja & Dan G.
  • very accomodating, and very good tutors

    James M.
  • Kaylee. She is a gem.

    Kristina G.
  • The calibre of tutors that we have been using has been excellent. Have already recommended to 2 families.

    Anne R.
  • Very professional and courteous staff, Melanie was super!

    Martha G.
  • Easy to set up, add hours, excellent tutor.

    Nancy B.
  • I like that the tutors are selected by personality as well as skills fit with the students and that only one tutor works with the students all year. The pricing works well and I like that the tutors make house calls!

    Cathy & Colm O.
  • The prompt responses, the ability to assist with a limited timeline, great student/tutor match, overall a wonderful experience!!! I have recommended the Tutor Doctor!!!

    Paola T.
  • We love our Tuter and we feel like he is a part of our family when he is in our home. Our child looks forward to his tutor coimg over he does not feel like he is being punished.

    Para R.
  • Care and thoughtfulness in matching tutor to student.

    Violet & Charles F.
  • We are very happy with the tutor himself. He has been a great help to my daughter and it seems to be a perfect match. It is also very convenient that the tutor comes to our home.

    Joanne H.
  • First my son tutor is amazing. She is always so punctual. Not a minute late and she has given my son the confidence he needed to continue his education. Tutor doctor has been a great experience.

    Isabel & Carlos M.
  • It's flexible and personable. I like that my son receives tutoring specific to his needs. The sessions are always fun and interesting for him.

    Mary L.
  • tutor's punctuality, respect,trustworthy and courteous service.

    Malar T.
  • Good match of Tutor to student from a personality perspective. Wonderful tutor- mature young woman, knows her material, calm and focussed, flexible and kind

    Laima C.
  • The service was responsive, individually tailored, professional and extremely engaging. I needed someone as bright as my child and TD delivered. with thanks.

    Diane M.
  • Dana has been a great tutor for Alex.

    Catherine J.
  • Exceptionally professional and detailed in all aspects...assessment,booking,tutoring,follow up...I would highly reccommend!

    Kevin M.
  • Personal attention. Quality of tutor. Thank you.

    Catherine Y.
  • Consultation, availability, reliability, friendly

    Chrysta M.
  • You have provided 2 tutor's to assist my son and both have been a perfect fit. My son is intelligent but struggles with ADHD. The tutors provided are very encouraging and patient while tapping into Geoffrey's strengths and giving him confidence in his considerable abilities.

    Alison G.
  • Professional, well organized, personalized

    Lisa P.
  • I found the service very positive, the initial request to sign up and obtain a tutor was very quick and set up within a few days. The tutor found was an excellent match for my daughter who thoroughly enjoyed her sessions.

    Suzy F.
  • Happy to recommend Tutor Doctor to a friend or associate because the service is well known and professional. The Tutors are fair and help out a lot in aspects of analysis, evaluation and specifically strategies. Really am interested in continuing my studies with the Tutor Doctor over next year.

    Melanie W.
  • Flexibility and programs offered.

    Amir A.
  • You find a teacher for me in a short period of time. You send me an email after every session about what happened and how many hours do I have. You come to my house ( this is the best thing about your business)

    Roaa A.
  • We are very happy with Aisha. She works very well with Anthony. Aisha is very flexible with my schedule and my availability. I would definitely recommend Tutor-Doctor to my friends & family.

    Stephanie N.
  • Very personal and professional service from Blair. He really works hard to find the right match for a student's needs.

    Andrea B.
  • The quality of the tutors and immediate feedback on the tutorial work completed. Also the tutors are very patient and understanding

    Patrick H.
  • My daughter's tutor is very knowledgable, patient and personable.

    Monika S.
  • I liked the formal organization of everything...the emails, intro, follow-up, feedback ,etc. I liked that both the office and the tutor were accessible by email...not jsut hte office

    Joanne N.
  • Very nice and very knowledgar. She knows her math and how to make it easy to learn.

    Janet W.
  • HIgh quality tutors and the amazing update reports

    Ingrid M.
  • Rajeev is an excellent tutor and has a great way of explaining things so that they make sense. My son's mark in math has improved by 15%!

    Anne K.
  • Discovering fit with the specific needs and learning profile of individual students. Professionally managed.

    Gyan H.
  • Prompt. Professional. Food tutor.

    Joe H.
  • Prompt feedback, informative and great tutor

    May C.
  • I like that the Tutor Doctor was able to take to worry about finding a qualified tutor that matched the needs of our son. So far we are very happy with the tutor. Thank you, Saverio

    Saverio G.
  • The tutor is helping and very flexible with schedule. The tutoring is increasing M's confidence and she enjoys her tutoring. She never complains about the sessions.

    Katie S.
  • Good, qualified tutors. Assurrance that they can teach my son's subject.

    Kevin & Jane M.
  • I had a urgent request. You responded fast, came to my house, and got a tutor working with my son within days.

    Aimee D.
  • I like Tim and the time he took to meet me and my daughter, listen to our needs and have him pair us with Carla. Carla is attentive and thorough but not strict, allowing my daughter to look forward to sessions as opposed to feeling like she's back in school. Her confidence level has increased already. I alo really like the weekly reports.

    Kristen A.
  • Personal plans around the needs and school work

    Nick & Jocelyn A.
  • The teachers and the service which they provide are really good.They create a friendly environment.It helps the students to be more successful in their studies.

    Nirmala & Joseph J.
  • Tutor we're using is great. Knows her stuff. My son likes her.

    Leslie & Frank T.
  • great personality match to my child. they work on homework as well as catching up to the class. Our Tutor is wonderful and inspires my child to work harder

    Donna P.
  • I like that the tutor comes to the house. The tutor my son currently has is punctual and attempts to be as helpful as he can. As well, our agreement was in the event the tutor was not a good fit, your company agreed to find another one.

    Anne & Jack F.
  • What we like is the tutor helps our son to improve his learning by confidence from the beginning when our son is involved in this study.

    Tammy & My Lieng T.
  • The tutor has been very helpful, reliable and a great match with my daughter's personality. The weekly update is a great way to know what was covered during the session. We are very satisfied with the service.

    Jennifer P.
  • The tutor comes at home. She is flexible and very pleasant and she connected really well with my 15 years old daughter.

    Dominique & Agostino P.
  • A bit bumpy to start with the initial tutor, but Tim was able to find the right tutor for my daughter in a timely manner to fit our schedule. My daughter is comfortable with the current tutor.

    Margot S.
  • Very understanding of the challenges that students and parents face to obtain tutor services.

    Fern & Ross M.
  • you come us we dont have to come to you initial meeting to determine what student needs in a tutor

    Kimberly & Randy Y.
  • It really is all about personality fit with your kids. I love the convenience of having someone come to our home and the pre screening. Also the flexibility to tutor in a few subjects, for us it just takes one or 2 tries on personality sometimes,maybe that's my kids :)

    Libby W.
  • reliable friendly service!

    Nancy & Perry D.
  • Our tutor is very helpful and reliable.

    Sylvie P.
  • I like the flexibility and the ease which we can book sessions. The tutors we've had to date are personable and easy to work with.

    Jennifer M.
  • the science teacher is very competent and nice, .

    Maria P.
  • We are very pleased with the level of service, quality and expertise Tutor Doctor provides. Anirudh is very patient and knowledgeable. He understands how to manage the students learning abilities and aptitude to adjust his teaching/tutoring to individualize the students needs. We see the benefits, we support the approach to learning Tutor Doctor provides. The investment is beneficial to teach life ...

    Tracy M.
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  • Thanks for help us with matching such an amazing physics tutor Akhil,we are glad to seeing Mark's improvement in science . There's nothing happier than seeing a better boy every day.

  • The tutoring was very helpful and got Anika off to a good start in her course. Her mid-term grade was 85% and she seems much more confident. Thank you!

    Alicia E.
  • Just had my first tutor session with Pouya. I really like him and think we will work really well together. I am really happy with my tutor match!

    Lauren K.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your highly professional support on helping my son on the math subject. Furthermore, it is my pleasure to inform you that he just graduated from high school and will be attending college at Niagara college. Again, thanks.

    A. C.
  • Both of my tutors are fantastic! Thank you so much. As I near my exam date I would like to add some additional tutoring into my weekly schedule.

  • We are very pleased with how Fan is encouraging and teaching Danika to do tasks within a time limit. This has been a challenge for Danika since JK. We also appreciate how Fan makes learning fun and engaging for Danika. She is very proactive and she is having a great impact on Danika! Thank you!

    Mary Alice V.
  • I just wanted to thank all of you for your help in helping Rachel. We are seeing slight improvement in her marks overall and this is no doubt due in part to your work with her. Thank you all again for all your efforts.

    Kathryn, Toronto, ON
  • My son River really likes Leo and has developed a great working relationship with him. River is doing well in functions and is enjoying his time with Leo. Thanks for finding him for my kid!

    Janet W., Toronto, ON
  • Blair (Franchise Owner) found the perfect tutor (Sam) for my son's immediate Math needs. Sam was qualified, connected with my teenage son and provided 1:1 tutoring to boost his exam performance in a less than a week. Thank you Blair!

    Nadine H., Toronto
  • I was totally satisfied with the tutoring for my daughter.

    Omrawatie P.
  • Quality of the tutor was great!

    Leslie C.
  • I like much of punctuality and flexibility.

    Ana F.
  • Proactive and accommodating to Maya's schedule. Tutor had an excellent temperament and worked well with Maya.

    Rajiv C.
  • Blair O'Connor the man responsible for our area is very consistent at finding the right match for our child that uses the tutoring service.

    Monika B.
  • I liked the way in which you matched the tutor to the student. Rebecca did a thorough assessment and took the time to find the right match. This is not only important for the child but it makes me as a parent feel a great deal of satisfaction that my child is important to Tutor Doctor, and that you’re willing to assist us in any way possible. Every child has different learning needs, and our tutor ...

    Caron, Mississauga
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  • I liked your professional communication. Blair is a excellent teacher and it is a privilege to have teacher like him. Your services is excellent.

    Luan K.
  • I just got Gemma’s report card for this semester. She received a 82%overall average. She received a 67 in math, which I think is great since she was only at grade six level (a full two grade levels behind) at the end of the summer. We are very pleased with the work Andrea has been doing. Gemma is very happy and confident and is really enjoying her studies at her new school. Thanks Tutor Doctor!!!

    Miriam, Mississauga
  • I just wanted to thank you again for bringing Li-Ming into our lives. Li-Ming was a perfect match for Ayanna: her kind, caring approach made the sessions fun and productive! Now that we’ve moved away, I have to tell you that Ayanna really misses her so much! As a result of working with Li-Ming, Ayanna has truly begun to take ownership of her schoolwork. She has truly set her up for success! You ...

    Abena, Mississauga
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  • Jan enjoys working with Michael very much. Once again is convinced this is the best tutor he ever had, and he even gives me a reason: Michael not only teaches the academics but also gives him strategies how to write tests and how to answer questions, etc.

    Nicola, Mississauga
  • The people in charge are always there to help any time; they listen and respond immediately and the tutor we have now is a wonderful person with strong commands of the subject. Both the tutor and the Tutor Doctor consultant on a personal level, were wonderful and willing to go beyond their duties to help. Personally, I would strongly recommend them to anyone I know.

    Sara, Toronto
  • I think that the tutors, Liliana and Victoria are working out great for Gwen. Gwen seems to be responding well to them, but I know that her lack of attention to detail is a concern as noted in many of her reports. Gwen is well above the class average in math, which is a first for her in math. She is sitting with a 74% and the class average is 59%. With English she is at 68% and the class average ...

    Paula, Mississauga
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  • Nolan has now met with Vinay a few times as you know. This pairing seems to be working very well. Vinay gets right down to business when he arrives – he’s very efficient and thorough. As Nolan’s parents, we very quickly realized what a gem Vinay is! He has a wonderfully patient and encouraging manner with Nolan which is what Nolan needs. He also has a good sense of humor. He seems to have figured ...

    Lois, Toronto
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