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  • The tutor is really helpful and tutor doctor team follows our desire and find the suitable tutor.

    Yanwei Y.
  • It works with my schedual and they match tutors to suit the individual child

    Dimitra P.
  • Your constant emails on how my child is getting on in every lesson

    Rosie G.
  • Tutor doctor takes time to assess your child and find a good fit with your child's needs.

    Meehae S.
  • Tutor Doctor found the perfect tutor for my son, instead of us having to try different people until we get the right one; plus with Tutor Doctor we know the tutors are screened giving us the peace of mind that the person coming to my home is safe,Chris is very knowledgeable in both subjects that my son needs help with. He is punctual and flexible if we need to change the schedule.

    Carmen R.
  • You guys have very good teacher to assist our children and very nice and have good services and I am glad that I have joined the family of tutur Doctor

    Sirak W.
  • Professionalism, punctuality, ability to get the target of client

    Carmen Z.
  • 1. 1:1 lesson 2. A tutor comes home. 3. reasonable price compare to other places. Other places have same hourly rate but was 1:3 students ratio and have to be their facility. 4. A qualified tutor. 5. A student likes teacher and enjoyes lessons with her.

    Miya R.
  • Knowledgeable and caring tutor.

    Sherry G.
  • The tutors provided are very professional and take genuine interest in the student's learning.

    Dave A.
  • They are professional and courteous

    Vasso I.
  • Tutor Doctor has delivered with two great instructors , our son connected quickly with them both and continues to improve and learn throughout the school year .

    Shanna B.
  • Professional, like the communication and progress reports

    Raju S.
  • Easy in home service with qualified tutors at a reasonable price compared to similar services.

    Lori L.
  • The management and educators act as partners to help your child achieve success.

    Zehra H.
  • That the tutors are screened,and very knowledgeable. That the office staff is as helpful as the tutors.

    Victoria P.
  • The convenience of having a tutor when I need her

    Shirley J.
  • Very intelligent and personable.

    Maria M.
  • Mike was great at the initial meeting.He listened to our concerns and suggested to us what would work and benefit our child. He was very easy to talk to and was genuinely interested to help so our child would benefit from the service provided by tutor doctor. We also love the fact that the tutors come to our house instead of us taking our child to the tutors . It's great especially in the winter ...

    Rey K.
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  • Whether it was the tutor herself or the staff management, all team members of Tutor Doctor payed a meticulous attention to my learning needs.

    Synthia N.
  • Great service, friendly and knowledgable staff

    Leanna S.
  • Service was handled professionally and with responsiveness to the urgency of the situation we were dealing with. The instructor is awesome, punctual and very efficient and above all has excellent Chemistry with my son.

    Perry P.
  • Good quality tutors. Reliable service, easy to communicate with organization.

    Clare S.
  • We like that you come to our home and that the tutor was a good fit for our daughter

    Margaret W.
  • Excellent, very professional and knowledgeable.

    Toni B.
  • They found a tutor that would work well with my child and her math grade has gone up one letter grade in 5 months, I couldn't be happier

    Kara W.
  • show interest in child's education and seeing him as an individual with different personalities. tutor who want to teach and now how to do it.

    Su C.
  • That they come to your home and that the tutors are very professional with the students but most of all very encouraging as well

    Tina L.
  • Easy payment, quick to find a tutor. Ability to change if unsatisfied.

    Jenny C.
  • Quick response to my first call. Knowledgeable and responsible tutor with a good teaching method.

    Alfredo M.
  • Great tutors & easy to setup.

    Tania G.
  • my son and his tutor enjoy and respect each other's time and schedules.

    Denise P.
  • Tutor Doctor keeps the student and parents up-to-date on all sessions. The tutor is very professional, organized and knowledgable on the subjects being taught.

    Janice D.
  • Punctuality and excellent service

    Giovanni V.
  • I like that the services really make a difference to children's education and the tutoring is very good

    Yodit A.
  • arranged good tutors in our schedules

    Young Y.
  • I like about your services that the tutor comes home, she discusses with us how the session went and that we receive a written report each time.

    Pilar S.
  • What we like is how the tutor takes the time with my child when she is having trouble with something. I also like when we get the weekly on our child work she does and how she is improving and the area she is having trouble in.

    Julie B.
  • Tutor doctor is tailored to the child's learning needs. My kids enjoy the learning process!

    Jaffy M.
  • One on one teaching.

    Joshna M.
  • Well,the tutors I've met are excellent

    Julie N.
  • I think the Tutordoctor can find the right fit for their students. It is very convenient that the tutor comes to our home and working with my daughter in very good spirit, without any pressure.

    Melinda O.
  • Heather seems to be just the perfect tutor for my kids as she understands their way and work it out as the best to their capability. My kids like her and it doesn't come easy.

    Vinnie M.
  • Tutoring results were apparent within just a few sessions. The assigned tutor was able to identify the issues my son was having right away and focused on the things that helped him understand how he was to do the homework, not just helping him with his homework. A great service that I highly recommend!

    Philip L.
  • I like that the tutor comes to my house, n driving involved.

    Linda P.
  • I like the fact that you always keep to your promise Mike and also that your teachers are professional ,helpful and always keep appointments as to plan.

    Mavis M.
  • Large selections of tutors that are paired to the students needs.

    Raymond K.
  • Knowing I only have to make a call to request - for the subject in need.

    Tina K.
  • Dear Jessica I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education that you give to my daughter Stefani Stefani has a such a great success with you,she loves you and she loves working with you... You did such a great difference, Stefani is starting to do more reading and writting. Jessica thank you for all your effort, Sincerely, Mila Jezdic

    Mila J.
  • You have regular dates set up but at the same time can be flexible with the time and the content. Your services have worked out well for us. Thank you.

    Patricia O.
  • Raphael is a very talented young man with the ability to reach out to any type of student, one who does not want to learn or otherwise. He has been able to keep my son actively engaged in learning without him being aware of it. I think that's the best type of learning.

    Maria L.
  • Very detailed, and efficient

    Wendy L.
  • yes very much

    Lul H.
  • The one-on-one services are great and the tutor really conforms on the students needs.

    Nazleen D.
  • we got a great tutor.

    Dolores M.
  • efficient, attentive....taking child's needs in consideration more than just curriculum

    Tanya M.
  • Very happy with our Tutor...My son loves Miss Pamela

    Laura S.
  • My son likes it so it has to be good!

    Priti S.
  • I liked that my son was matched with a tutor that is very responsive to my son's individual needs and characteristics. He connects well with my son and makes the sessions fun and engaging while teaching him to focus and think critically. My son is doing the work required by the tutor with ease and eagerness which is really positive. The tutor is also respectful to our wishes and opinions. I like ...

    Laleh R.
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  • I like that we found the 'perfect' tutor. Do not settle because there is someone out there that will and can help your child out. My daughter loved the tutor and actually looked forward to the time. She not only tutored but increased my child's confidence.

    Teena M.
  • The ability you have to match the personality of the tutor to the child is fantastic. Especially when you are dealing with teenagers! Not an easy task! As well, your tutors are always professional, patient, and really dig deep to figure out which learning pattern works best for the child. Prior to you we had a teenager that was going to fail grade 10 and had a high probability of becoming a drop ...

    Jennifer D.
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  • Personalized, effective, good reports, in home, efficient,

    Tamara M.
  • the inhome tutoring with a professional teacher

    Kiran K.
  • yes,I like

    Peter C.
  • They did help my son to make a very good improvement.

    Pi L.
  • Hassle free to arrange the service. High quality tutors. Best of all, results!

    Carol B.
  • The professionalism shown to us by Mike both in meeting him and in all phone conversations and email correspondence before and after beginning lessons. The obvious effort to be prepared for the lesson made by Mike and the attention to the lesson and the student shown by Tom. So far, everything seems very positive.

    Linda G.
  • I like not having to deal with money directly with the tutor. I like that the tutor works hard for the full hour with no wasting time chatting. That being said, our tutor is a lovely person who is a great role model for my children. I like that the tutor is sensitive to my children's needs, especially regarding their fatigue as the day progresses. Our tutor is a good fit for our children.

    Kellee M.
  • The in home teaching, seeing what the student does not see in the work they are doing. Giving the student a leg up from where they are in their classroom with their piers.

    Paul F.
  • It's convenient coming to our home at the set time and it's great having Sarah go over the things we wanted to with the kids.

    Liana F.
  • Sebastian is a wonderful tutor!

    Linda H.
  • The initial meeting which involves the needs assessment of the student and sets out parameters such as ensuring the stundent and the learning space are arranged prior to the tutors arrival. Fleixibility to meet the needs of my daughters, volunteering, work and medical appointments. Structured homework with set goals, and follow up on those goals. The tutor was able to not only bring up my ...

    Edward P.
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  • In home and very accountable on results.

    Duncan G.
  • easy to find someone that works for what you need. overall great service.

    Breanna A.
  • Easy and good communication between tutor and student

    Rachael P.
  • Professionalism

    Nasser K.
  • Tutor Doctor was interested to help and designed a study program and schedule that is tailored for our daughter and her needs. The tutor is punctual, knowledgeable, professional and polite. Tutor Doctor isn't the cheapest option we found but, having used other services, the quality of education plus the convenience of having the tuition in our home makes this good value for money.

    Chantal R.
  • I like the session reports that keeps me updated about my son's progress. I love to see that Denzel and Sam are getting along very well. I have to say Tutor Sam has really pleasant personality and good working habit. I think my son is not only learning language arts from him but also his attitude towards life. I also appreciate the consollar's efficient to spot Sam for us. Good work!

    Una X.
  • The quality of my son's tutor is great: good work ethic, know what and how to teach effectively, ready to listen to feedback, and communicate promptly. If my friends can afford the cost, I'll recommend tutor doctor to them for their kids.

    Stella H.
  • The tutor provided works well with my daughter, and is flexible regarding schedule. My daughter has improved and is more confident in her ability to do work assignments.

    David T.
  • Very professional tutors that really care.

    Carmela P.
  • Flexible with time bookings Friendly staff Detailed instruction Punctual Encouraging

    Jessie I.
  • The tutors have so far been very good, prompt, knowledgeable and personable. The feedback via email each session has been extremely useful. No chance to see if tutoring has led to better grades but my daughter is looking happier, more confident and positive in outlook.

    Kelley G.
  • Good match between student and tutor. Tutor is reliable, courteous, adaptable and considerate. TD management is very concerned about our satisfaction.

    Marion K.
  • They come to your home, are quite flexible and when you get a good tutor it really benefits. I like the fact that you try to match the student with the tutor.

    Doris B.
  • The service quiet good

    Minh H.
  • I liked that there was an individualized assesment done prior to actually assigning a tutor to my kids, to make sure their needs are adequately met.

    Amela D.
  • Tutor Doctor is very convenient to my challenging schedule. They employ high quality tutors, who are sensitive to the special needs of my child and my family situation. and my child tells me that she feels really good after her tutoring sessions.

    Ann M.
  • I don't have to drive. Tutoring is dona at my house

    Maria G.
  • The service us quick and responsible.

    Susan G.
  • Matching tutor to child's needs and character :)

    Carolyn B.
  • tutor's come to our home, feedback is useful, tutor's are pre-screened for abilities and fit.

    Kim K.
  • Professional & approachable. A bit pricey, but I'll let you know if it's worth it after I see the first test results. =)

    Beverly G.
  • Its just excellent and the tutor we had is the best and spend every minute tutoring my daughter with effort ..thx doctor tutor ...Mike for the help for my daughter and we will keep in touch ..if we need this beautiful and intelligent tutor Anita ..i would recommend Doctor Tutor for the higher gradse ..thx once again

    Rosie N.
  • We are very impressed with our sons tutor he is extremely proactive and works well with our son. They seem to have a nice connection and my son is starting to feel more successful in his writing abilities.

    Kim D.
  • The time assessing the student, and process in matching to the tutor.

    Elisa M.
  • I am glad that I have the oppurtynity of providing feedback ,moreover i would like to recommand the tutor doctor as effective and impactfull for my friends. thank you

    Latifa J.
  • I love the fact that you give me written reports on my daughters progress, and how friendly and accommodating your staff is.. that's a bonus!!!

    Luce S.
  • Promt delivery of services, really took time to understand my concerns, friendly staff.

    Jyoti S.
  • good service and if there are any issues, very helpful to resolve.

    Mona W.
  • personal, easy to schedule, extremely effective, for the price our daughter increased her math mark from 49 to 67 in one month. She ended up passing the year-felt confident going into Provincial exams and finals and is doing extremely well this year! .......

    Kara A.