Meet the Owner/Team

Meet Our Team

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Laura Keane

Owner/Education Consultant

Laura lives in Branchburg with her husband, Chris, two energetic children, Evan & Maddie, and two cuddly guinea pigs, Fluffy & Pixie.  Laura enjoys trying out new recipes, reading a good mystery book, solving New York Times puzzles, a day at a local farm, and traveling to new places. But above all, the time she spends playing games with her kids, going on dates with her husband, catching up with old friends at a Jersey diner, and volunteering in her local community, bring her the most joy!

Over the past few years, Laura has been a class mom for both of her children and volunteered for several PTO school events.  She is very enthusiastic about planning class activities to celebrate holidays with the students – and even gets into the spirit herself by wearing costumes!  Laura is also an active member of her church parish, where she has been a 3rd grade catechist teacher the last three years.  Each week, she strives to plan engaging lessons and activities to make a positive impact in each student’s life.  Laura’s community involvement hits even closer to home as a member of her neighborhood Homeowners Association.  In collaboration with her fellow members, Laura hopes to create a more informed and connected community.

From a young age, Laura’s mother, Yolanda (a Cuban immigrant), instilled the importance of integrity, hard work, and empathy for people who are facing hardships.  Yolanda also firmly believed in the power of education and encouraged Laura to pursue higher education.  Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in business from The College of New Jersey and a graduate degree from the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University.

The values passed down by her mother helped shape Laura’s outlook, and inspired her to make a positive difference in the education of children and serve families in her community!